Saved loadouts / more organisation with module storage

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My thought is that if the outfitting screen's field size for modules was shrunk down a bit, maybe so that instead of having 6 modules displayed in a list say in storage it would show 10-12, quality of life would be greatly improved for those of us who tinker constantly. I think if I measured the distance my mousewheel travels in a day playing Elite it would be in the kilometers :p

Having module storage able to be sorted by module type, size, cost, modified/not modified would also be a very useful improvement. Being able to select multiple modules to transfer to a ship would not go astray either.

I reckon it's not a bad idea.

Slightly more controversial (maybe?) is the idea of having saved loadouts. I'm not against buying multiple ships to achieve the same effect - I am about to buy my third Python - but I would like to be able to have varying sub-loadouts for each as per my requirements.

Pros? Cons? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading :)
I have been thinking why can't we reuse the "store" view on our stored modules, so that we can look for modules that way. Atleast the UI would be more consistent, and then we could have a category of "all", so that we get the same list as we have today, and all filtering options we have for the "store" would also work here.

By observations, I guess one of the reasons why we can't do this is because the store view have a parameter that filters the modules on what kind of slot/etc we are looking for, and there might not be an "all" category to show all stuff in a single "store" page.

The select multiple modules to put on a ship would have its own challenges, some are obvious, like choosing, powerplant, fsd, etc as these only have one place to go, but weapons, etc, are a bit more trouble some, and since location of things like weapons are important, so getting the weapons in their desired hardpoints is a pretty important factor here.

This lead us into the suggestion about save loadouts, which I do believe is a better solution to the transfer multiple modeles/weapons at once to the ship. So just be able to save like the weapons loadout, and for different combat tasks, and be able to recall these single choice would be great. Or have a full ship loadout that lets you transform your ship from Combat to exploration, to passenger, to mining, to cargo hauling would be great for those players who do not use different ships for this.

Also some stuff about missing parts of a saved loadout, if any of the referenced modules is not present at the station you are when trying to "apply" the loadout, should simply skip the module and let you know what modules could not be fitted.

Transfer of modules, you should be able to select a loadout and get a quote how much it would cost to transfer all the modules to the current station and accept this, and transfer time should be the longest transfer time, and you should only be notified when all transfer are completed. But you should still be able to "apply" the loadout with the available modules...

Just a few of my thoughts on this.
Outstanding stuff! You can pretty much just replace my post with yours :)

It's the spirit and the letter of what I think we need in module outfitting.
Why not have a system within outfitting to save your loadouts? Example you have a mining, pve combat, and AX anaconda all of which could be shrunk down to 1 if there was a system where you would save your current load and could auto equip all the modules for you, if a module you want to equip is in another station it would just pop up saying hey this module is not at this station would you like to pay X to have it transferred? That way it would make it a lot easier then having multiples of the same ship since you could just press one button and your other loadouts could just be equipped! It can't be that hard to create a system that remembers what you had equipped and what not, plus its cheaper for you and just makes sense. I'd much rather have ONE ship and several loadouts then several of the same ships because I don't want to note down every module I have for each load out I use.
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