Scaling “Fix”

Simple answer is people.
A lot of the issue with scaling and players having trouble determining just how big their ships are comes down to reference points. There aren’t any really. No people outside or on the hull working at all. Other than your pilot there aren’t any people outside your ship or in the windows to see just how big anything actually is. Even when you’re in your cockpit seeing everything through a limited field of view it’s very hard to tell just how big the space really is. My suggestion is just a simple matter of putting cheaply animated people in and around the docking area hanging out or working near the crates and ships so we get a sense of just how big the ships are in reference to a person. Without people it makes the docks feel really abandoned and ghost towny. There’s no life happening. The people don’t even have to walk. Just stand around and maybe do repeating actions to make the game feel more alive and give better scaling reference. They don’t even need faces just helmets and make them have different suits depending on their duties. And maybe even a fuel truck or something on some of the bigger pads that is stationary to make the docks look more active and alive.
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My guess is you can only get "people" once commanders get "legs".

But no, scaling isn't just a problem in stations.
It's also a problem in space.

The station textures have poor scaling what with all those wrong sized windows.
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