Scenario Editor Research Updates are Missing for last several DLC Ride additions

Since several DLC's already the Scenario Research Tab hasn't been updated. You cannot lock new dlc rides behind a research tree because of this, giving you less creative freedom within the scenario editor. I had no privelege to post it in bug reports. Then again, it's not really a bug, just sloppiness and failing to update an existing feature. Would appreciate a fix.
Yeah, this is intended for the people who don't own the DLC and the scenario would become unplayable for them bacause of not having the DLC.

But I'd rather have all DLC rides researchable. This is one of the things that completely destroy's making challenging scenario's as numerous rides are already available without research.

And bugs are reported here as of the new forums:
They should be able to make a work around for those who do or dont own the dlc's. It's not really an excuse, just negligence on their part.
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