Scenarios [Scenario] Ometepe Resort

Ometepe Resort is a tropical island which was expanded upon too quickly by overambitious investors, leading to swift bankruptcy! Can you turn this slumping resort into a self-sufficient and profitable enterprise within the small area provided?

Ometepe island rests around an active volcano and is thus protected from terraforming opportunities, and its remote location means that refunds on assets offer little return. To be successful in this Endeavour you have to be decisive in the decisions you make as a park manager!

Scenario objectives:

- Reach a Monthly Profit of $5,000
- Attract 750 Guests

- Build 5 rides before the end of March year 2
- Achieve a Park Rating of 1550

- Build 2 coasters at least 1000 m long
- Acquire $200,000.00
- Raise Average Guest Happiness to 95%
- Reach a Monthly Profit of $7,500

Park Restrictions:
- Refund Multiplier 25%
- Coaster Track Refund Multiplier 50%
- Player is Unable to Edit the Terrain
- Park boundaries are small and players must build on or incredibly close to the Island.

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