Scenario with hotel, restaurants, highway

I have this scenario from the workshop with a parking garage, highway, and a blank area to build a park. I am adding on to it with a McDonald’s, Starbucks, and an Embassy Suites hotel with a detailed interior. I added more road to reach the hotel in a new section that I flattened. The hotel will have an atrium interior with balconies. There will even be fake glass elevators. An indoor swimming pool and hot tub. The hotel when completed will be way over the blueprint limit so only way I could upload it as a blueprint would be to upload the building shell, and an upper floor separately. I am building one floor outside of the building to duplicate in the building to create several floors of rooms and balconies. The rooms will have a hotel room block in them (in the bathroom area) with the rest of the room fully furnished with chairs, beds, TV, desk, etc.
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