Scenery and general ideas

A Little Improvement on Scenery

First of all this is not a complaint as the game is AWESOME, but there are some things or two that could be improved (as this is an Alpha of the game), so here are my recommendations as an RCT, RCT2, RCT3 and No Limits 2 user:

Scenery and paths:

- Make the scenery available to snap to the paths/stations/rides (checkbox option in case you want to disable it).
At the moment the modular scenery is almost perfect and I really enjoy putting details everywhere in my rides/shops, but one thing that I found annoying is the fact that in order for you to make a proper building with a path going through it, you have to play with the rotation of it until you kinda get it right (same with RC stations and flat rides. This would be incredibly better with a snap to path/station/ride option as we could easily enclousure a ride within a building much faster.

- Make path and scenery movable when you move buildings.
This is kinda self explanatory, but sometimes it's easier to just design the building somewhere else and then move it to location, but when trying to move it all the scenery and paths you layed before are stuck behind.

- Give us the option to make square shaped ended paths as sometimes this is useful to achieve better results with scenery/walls placement.

- Lights, lights and more lights.
The lights included in this first release are spectacular, but the only flaw that I found on them is that they are way to dimmed (they won't light up large areas), so it would be nice if you guys could include either light variations with different intensities or an intensity slider for each type of light. And just to be picky here adding more lamp posts and generic lights would help us a lot.

- Finish tweaking the pathing system.
The pathing system is good and gives you lots of flexibility, but sometimes it looks like the pahts have their own life and they doesn't want to do what you intended to, maybe adding the option to enable the RCT3 path builder would help.

- Have a "scenery repeater tool" or give us the chance to set up a custom distance for scenery separation and repetition.
At the moment the only things you can put in the paths are lamp posts and maybe some decoration, but if you are planning to implement trash bins, seats, loudspeakers, park maps and more things it would be nice to have the ability to select paths, the scenery you want on it and then set some parameters such as separation, random rotation and/or size (as for trees for example) and then the game automatically populates the path with seats, lamps, etc. This would make life much easier when setting the path scenery as this job in early RCT titles was a pain in the *ss as you had to manually put each lamp, trash bin and everything else and took forever to do so. If this is not possible then setting some automatic snap points along the paths would make it easier and improve the paths simmetry.
Added to this it would be a good idea if the game could detect that you are repeating scenery and snap the next one for you. Lets say that you are placing some lights indoor and you need to repeat the same placement alond some walls, if you could just place the first to a certain x,y position along the wall and you could automatically drag that same position along other walls (maybe a "lock position" checkbox).

- Make a customizable tree brush tool.
This is also kind of self explanatory, but it would be nice if we had the possibility to set a brush size, tree type(s) and tree density and just paint over the terrain to populate it with trees.

- Have blank signs/posters so we can choose our own photo file and use it as a poster along the park.


- Put a "freecam speed" slider as the default right now is way too fast.

Well, those are my suggestions and as I said these are not complaints, they are just my ideas to help you guys deliver the best game possible in my opinion. Hope to help in any way and that this thread continues growing and getting more ideas!

Keep up the good work!!![up][up]
Cheers from Argentina![big grin]
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