Hey !

Few days ago I looked at the speculation about what could be atmosphere planetes and landing on it in the future. I know perfectly that there is absolutely no clear information, no date, no certitude that it'll come in the game, but I was dreaming, speculationg about that:

Atmospheres are made of tons of things ike , Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.. but can also be made of : Sulphure, Carbon Arsenic, etc... So I was thinking: we can suck the hydrogen by surfing almost at the SURFACE OF A STAR, so wouldn't that be cool if we could scoop materials from the atmosphere ?? It could be very nice for few reasons :

-If we won't NEVER ( :'( ) be able to land on atmo planets, it still could be possible to interact with their atmopshere (and then be even more frustrating lol) ?

-Make atmosphere more active than just be a loading area and a area where the ship is burning due to friction.

-That should be possible according to the game mechanic: using the scooping procedure ( or not, well i don't know im not a developper lol )

-Adding a way to find materials, for example : currently we are scanning planets to find what they 're made of, land on it, chilling with the SRV. Imagine : you are scanning a planet, looking at what IT ATMOSPHERE is made of, Ohh it as Sulphur, so you need to surf into the atmosphere to gather Sulphur from it. This procedure could be just simple as that, or could be enhanced: Sulphur, according to the gravity field of the planet, it mass, it size, climate, temperature, etc. etc., the sulphure can be find only if you are between 15km and 22Km, so to find Sulphur you'll need to surf in this altitude, the rate of harvesting then depend of your altitude and your speed: faster the ship, faster the rate, But if you go to fast the ship is burning due to friction, etc etc.

SO, that is I let you juge :)
I hope i was clear cause im Frenchy !

Fly Safe cmdrs o7


Is the image too big ? :eek:
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