Dinosaurs Scorpios Rex

That would be awesome... but at the rate things are going, I wouldn't expect anything to be added to JWE anytime soon... if at all... the game really seems done and over with at this point...
The Scorpius Rex is awesome, and we were very excited to see it in Camp Cretaceous! Unfortunately we don't have anything to announce regarding its inclusion in Jurassic World Evolution.
agreed. The Scorpius Rex definitely is a dinosaur I would be interested in seeing in the game but that's up to the Developers. Finally the ouranosaurus is Cannon and monolophosaurus as well. I can't wait to see what season 4 will have in store with us some are speculating that we'll see site B again. I think that the Scorpius Rex kind of looks like the legendary monster from Mexico El Chupacabra but at the same time it resembles that Jurassic Park 4 dinosaur human hybrid concept art as well.😏
It would be interesting to see it in a hypothetical DLC that adds Ouranosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Scorpius Rex and dinosaur skins like that of Bumpy, Grumm and the fluorescent Parasaurolophus.
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