Scout hunting ship


Up until now, I've been scout hunting in an A rated G5 Challenger, which worked fine. Recently, however, I've been engineering an A rated Krait mk2 for NPC pirating and thought I'd give that a try.

OMG, what a difference. The 3 large and 1 medium AX Multicannons shred them in seconds and when you want to stop turning, it reacts much faster than the old ship. Yes, it has one less internal, but the ones it does have are larger, In my opinion, it's a much better ship.

I'm just about to start outfitting another, so I can have one for each role.
Indeed the Krait MkII is considered by many as the best Thargoid Hunter. Against both Scouts and Interceptors. You just need to change the weapons loadout.
I tried a few and I also prefer the Krait. She's just krait!
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