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The Rift in the Rift: A dramatic set of canyons on a little ice moon in the desolate end of the Formidine Rift became the highlight of an otherwise slow slog looking for arsenic. The landscape was absolutely spectacular in VR.
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Very nice shot! Like.
Operator: Are you ready for the mission CMDR?
CMDR SenseiMatty: I don't know... what's this mission about?
Operator: Bridging the gap!
CMDR SenseiMatty: Uhm... let me make a quick change to my ship then... ready now!

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A binary set of ringed metallic worlds very close to an A-class star, both spouting plenty of geologic features (well, geothermal features really; planets, as a rule of thumb, are made out of geology :geek:). From a distance they looked close enough for the rings to overlap. Sadly, it wasn't so, although they were still a good spot for materials and pretty scenery.


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