Screenie(s) v2...

A few images obtained while shipping for the Repair of Ezra Point, in the Witch Head Sector ....

A creepy touch from behind ! ........


A moody stop-off for a scan en-route .... HIP 20849 3b

And at HIP 19399 1 ....

One of my first automated landings with the Cutter ..... at Pailin's base,
Arque System ........ whew, the docking computer really likes to take control ! Hey guys, I've got no shields, you know! :eek:
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The docking computer must have a permit to break the speed limit. The best part is when it come into the dock from the wrong direction and turns a somersault at the last second.
Pile of scrap metal sitting on the exterior of an orbital outpost.

1,200 hours in and never noticed before. 📸

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Excellent! But what are the maintenance teams doing ?


Magnificent !

Very beautiful pictures ! A lot of intensity in.
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