Screenie(s) v2...

What am I glad that I bought the Cutter Chrom-Paintshop 2.5 years ago with foresight - there were even two in it: chrome-plated and completely made of chrome. Chrome-plated is often used, but chrome is like a smooth mirror. Chrome-plated is matt.

At that time I didn't have a cutter ... BUT Now - look for yourself: a dream

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Found a cozy spot to spend the night. Can't really tell but the planet is so close to the ring, had it an atmosphere there'd most likely be a constant stream of shooting stars from the rings outermost rocks.

An S-class giant as seen from 1500Ls away

Came across this neat little canyon next to a geo location. The bottom was pretty much flat and I could just floor it for several km's. There were couple of small craters I couldn't see from the SRV until I was in the air. Good little fun.
I just happened to see this while VO mining.
I took a couple of the smaller weapons out of my 'Vette in order to fit the Seismic charger and A-Blaster, but she's still horrifyingly lethal.
While pulsing, I happened to look over my shoulder and thought this was a nice screenie:

The Shadow of Death.
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