Screenie(s) v2...

We simply MUST put a stop to this Vulcan cult. There is too much of this Vulcan stuff going on. Last time I was near one there were people tossing other people into them in some kind of sacrificial rite (He's dead, Jim. He's dead, Jim - something to do with virgins, I guess).

Really nice shots, though. [heart]
Tell me about it... Every week I have to drive to sites that are found clogged and clean them out... :p :D

And next thing you know, it just blows...

(even my Ship got scared and decided to scramble off the ground)
@Xtnsgo, vanilla? ...very impressive.
cheers[smile]-- i use a tweaked version of the image workflow i cooked up for Skyrim. That plus some detail work (dodging/burning, contrast, tweaking color, etc...). While the visuals are nice in game i prefer a higher contrast, saturated look for screenshots. Here's a quick A/B:


fly far! o7
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