Screenshot 30-07-2016

PCLeaks again. I guess this is the screen which will be posted at FB today.

Very nice. So i guess we are getting closer to fairytale. A new tree i think, castle parts and again benches and dustbins.
Though they are not as fitting for for theme i really do hope we will finally get them. And there will be more choice in future i guess. Asume it is all about just sitting down at the moment.
I like how the guests are situated in different ways here.

Wonder meanwhile what kind of food she is representing in game? Froglegs?
Just kinding. Coaster King and Pirate King are just representing a theme too.
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Just because they leak it doesn't mean you have to also you know?
It's not really leaking. And it's out there, if we can't talk about it here then people would just avoid this place and use reddit and twitter instead.

On another note, the wall at the sides of the path, wonder if they are scenary wall or some kind of fence. And the brick is different the the pirate castle so that' s nice. Hope it's recolorable in alpha 3
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Not a great rebuttal but whatever floats your boat.
Your opinion and i accept that. But don't expect me to apologize for something someone else did. Maybe you should address your frustration to them.

Picture and Link deleted by special wish, because i am bored to discuss about it.
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Guys please don't shoot the messenger, once an image has leaked it's bound to find it's way back here.
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Yeah I want to see this, I cannot use any social media at work and this is my only way to attain PC information. Please can someone link it again?
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