Search & Rescue dither dither dither

Has anyone found the search and Rescue worth your time...

I feel it's a wasted element to the game at the moment, and should be taken in another direction, by changing its core mechanic, as i see it at the moment it's not worth the bother, As much of it is like selling goods just in commodity menu screen, a little boring..

Why not have a search and rescue as a job title a place you work for and get paid something worth while, Call it almost life guard status maybe even get a ship decal for your trouble anything to give it a boost! if you like, you get rescue calls, in marked systems to literally search and rescue maybe give it the immersion it needs.

This can also have the RNG for other Rescue jobs coming in, as well as planet SRV rescues / Fuel rats are similar. As it stands now its there if you happen to pick up something and trade it in for 11,000crds :( not very worth while.

Lets hope it will get some attention of it may well end up like some of the other mechanics in game left on the way side until better times.
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