Search & Rescue Paintjobs

I've recently started helping out damaged stations by rescuing people, and noticed some of the surrounding search and rescue ships have their own special paintjob! So far I've seen eagles, asp explorers, and anacondas. I immediately went to the store to look if they were available, but nothing :( Is there any chance Frontier can add these, or better yet, allow them to be earned in game by doing certain tasks related to damaged/repairing stations?
I haven’t done anything to deal with damaged stations, but that sounds like a cool thing an an area where they could have implemented some simple challenge based cosmetics. I would love if they added some cosmetic rewards related to the rank system.
The way I see players getting around this is using the vibrant yellow paint, but it probably doesn’t feel the same
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Something else that would be nice is personal customized varients of the paint jobs. Like having one of the bi-colored pain jobs where you were allowed to change the two different colors to a color combination you like.

Something else that would be nice is Search and Rescue Hull badges like Police and Fire Departments often have. You could also earn those for specific tasks as well.
To earn your SAR paint job, you could get missions from stations near conflict zones, once the combat was over or even during you could be sent to rescue and pick up survivors and bring them back to the station you took the missions from. Complete a specified amount of missions and you get the SAR paint job as a reward.
Since we're all "licensed" members of Pilots Federation (who issued us the rank of "Commander"), shouldn't we have the option to join RR?

That would be a cool reward for obtaining Elite status.
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