Searching for a squadron who wants to kill cmdrs who...

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...are stealing guardian commodities for corporate profit instead of strategical supplies in the fight vs the thargoids. Is there any pvp squad or do I need to create one?
so long for player emergent content. looking at your reactions I notice interstellar initiatives are boring also because of the community
How did you come to that conclusion from these comments?

you would assume everyone is stealing just to be on the safe side
My CMDR will definitely be stealing them for personal profit.

Nuke them from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.
Someone should start a squadron who kill commanders who want to kill commanders who are stealing guardian commodities for corporate profit instead of strategical supplies in the fight vs the thargoids.
They seem to be encouraging violent emergent content to me.

The Replicated Man

At that point you would just pull everyone. Some days I like to pirate, although I bring no cargo racks, make my target drop the cargo and then blow their ship up.
Some days I am not very nice :(
I was expecting more let us pick sides amd form squadrons and putting this new mechanic to good use than solitary intentions. Something like you people are doing at robardin burgers.

I see. That would be a tricky task for the most skilled of cat-herders. Good luck, if that's what you want to do.

I should make it clear that we're not doing anything as organised as picking sides and squadrons at Robardin. Our squadron seized Robardin Rock through proxy conquest, after a campaign of our own devising. Now that we've secured it as our base, we've spearheaded a renewed charge on developing Colonia's engineers. Sporadic opposition to us formed mainly from the disgruntled former owners of Robardin and their allies. No-one has drawn lines or organised any of this - it happens spontaneously and organically, as all good emergent gameplay should.
There is.
Devising your own campaign wasn't something that happened out of the blue. You had to team together to make the rest happen spontaneously. So you as a team have drawn lines and there have been consequences.
That's what I just said:

We devised our own campaign and let everything else happen spontaneously.
I'm happy to discuss our squadron's operations over private message rather than derail your search for like-minded commanders any further.
I'm interested in hearing more about this...

I'm a bit out of the loop, what are these guardian things people are stealing? What are they for? How does one make personal profit? What is the beneficial alternative use?
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