Im mostly in exploring interested and in VR. Every now and then Im flying inside some deep craters or equivalent things. And it's often very dark. Now my Asp has these lights but they are kind of weak and they aim allways to the front. In VR you can walk around the ship, turn your head in every direction and watch the things flying by. If there would be a kind of searchlight to mount under the ship that would follow the movement of the pilots viewing direction with some slight inertia off course. That would be some what immersive I think. Maybe one could make a couple off different classes for these lights and multipe mount positions for optimal usage.
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Agreed. And while you're at it, also add position and anticollision lights as well, along with an option to toggle them. This would not only make traffic outside stations more visible, it would also make ships that DON'T have lights on automatically a lot more menacing :)
Landing your ship on the dark side of a planet or moon, particularly where the terrain is rough, can be harrowing. In these situations I find the ships headlights to be less than illuminating, often making no difference for visibility until the ground is suddenly in your face. Sure you get an idea of the terrain below you for a limited range on your radar when you get low enough and deploy landing gear, but flying around 100m off the ground with your landing gear out and staring at your radar is no way to take stock of your surroundings. Some kind of search light or spotlight with a longer range, even just a narrow beam, would not only make those darker places more accessible but would also kind of make sense. I mean with the technology at our fingertips we shouldn't need to rely so heavily on lighting conditions and eyesight to know whats around us.
I've noticed that twin planets get REALLY dark. Since you're in an eclipse a lot of the time, but not on the night side, so the game doesn't fire up the night-vision shaders like it does when you're not facing the sun.

I've run into it twice recently, actually.
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