Second thargoid scout has been found

Congratulations for this discovery, how many systems and planets do you have explore to find the crash site?
I would say 10 at least (systems), but not so much. First, there's a long time of camera rotation in galactic map
Then, once the 3 or 4 stars are aligned, we had to jump on matching systems. If one star is upper than others, we have to go down, and so on.
Once the system has been found, finding the right planet (or moon) is harder, depending on the number and positions of each planet. If you look for an icy planet/moon and there's only one landable in the system, it's quite easy and quick to find. If you look for one on 30 close-to-each-other rocky planets, it takes ages... :)
am i the ONLY one that heard an audio recording while scanning the ship?
there are voices... possibly from INRA as they deployed the Mycoid.
unrelated to the text message you get.

someone HAVE to research this... it can not just have been in my mind...
im 100% sure there was an audio recording while scanning mixed in with the usual white noice...
and noone will convince me im wrong....
there WAS something hidden in the scan!
Congrats and good work, truly deserved the discovery!

Also a great Tool you got there, im always stunned when i see the awesome stuff people come up with, be it this one, tools like EDMC, the 3D Maps, Plugins, Websites, Radiostations... too much to list here.

There are so much dedicated folks in this Community who put a lot off effort, time and work in things (that should/could be ingame at first place) to make it a better experience for everyone.
A big thanks and a salute to all of you!
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Well done guys!

kind of a shame that devs haven't added similar tool IN GAME...or at the very least SURFACE WAYPOINTS & markers....oh well
I guess humanity went thru a mandatory lobotomy in 3000s
After watching too many of your videos, i now read your comments in your voice, dripping with sarcasm :D
Only these alien-materials that you need for the palin-missions from obsidian orbital laying around there. But i found thargroid probes in the non human signal sources (thread 7). Sometimes there is no medusagoid inside but a probe or sensor.
Congrats on the find but in all’s nothing to get excited over is it?

Just another scout ship copied and pasted onto some random planet with no further expansion to the ongoing thargoid “story”.

At this point it’s just a joke. All those hours flying over a boring planet, wasting your life away just to find a naff copy/paste. Jesus...what is going on!? Why all the fuss?
I cant find anyone else to confirm what i know i heard... and i didnt record it as i wasnt expecting anything...
But i heard a recording as i scanned...
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