Newcomer / Intro Secretive Passengers

Really want to take some of the higher-paying secretive passenger missions, but the the mission states they don't like being scanned, and my vessel gets scanned at nearly every station.

Is there a way to prevent that? Does it matter - will it make the mission fail?
You usually get gat scanned a couple of times before they eject. Lots of ways to break scans - be fast, be not seen, or pop a heatsink. Google works as well.
Yes, select and then design the right ship. Certain ships have a built in lower 'profile' when it comes to NPC scans. The Krait(s) are low on this scale, the Python is much higher. As an analogy, the Python is a black BMW with personalised plates and tinted windows blaring the latest rap, whereas the Krait is a silver Jaguar. Who are the police going to run plates on first?

After choosing the right ship, design/engineer it to avoid scans. Speed, cool running, heat sinks, etc. are basic stealth/scan breaking tools. Whenever I have illicit cargo in my Python, I expect to get scanned so... drop out of SC already aligned with mail slot, boost, request docking, prepare to engage SR or drop a heat sink as soon as you get scan warning. Land quickly.

Yes, getting scanned will fail the mission.
You usually get gat scanned a couple of times before they eject. Lots of ways to break scans - be fast, be not seen, or pop a heatsink. Google works as well.
Where's the Google hotkey in-game?

In all seriousness, this is the place where FNGs like me come to ask stupid questions - and it looks like I'll just continue to avoid those missions for now.
Best ways to avoid scans are to have the cops trust you, so they never start a scan in the first place. The best way to do this is to get Allied with the stations you visit, and to fly an inconspicuous ship. Yes, there is a secret "conspicuousness" statistic for ships that makes cops prejudiced towards or against certain ship types. I don't know exactly which ships are best, but if you keep getting scanned while in your favourite ship, even at Allied stations, then try a different ship. My Krait II seems to get scanned much more than my Python does, for example.

Confirmed by Sandro:
Ships do have a conspicuous rating that authorities use to determine how quickly a ship should be investigated and scanned.
...and I also wouldn't put it past FD to have a secret "trustworthiness" statistic on your character. So if the cops ever catch you hauling contraband, they'll always be more likely to pull you over than they would a lily-white who never anything illegal or stolen in their hold.
Arriving at orbiting stations. One way.

1. Learn to arrive so that the mail slot is always facing you.
2. Manually fly fast say 300m/s slowing down to enter the mail slot.
3. Have a fast ship with good boost say 450 or better.
4. Practice the above with normal missions until you are never scanned.

Auto Docking can be used after entering the station if desired.
Planetary stations are a lot harder to avoid scans.

Sapyx is correct.
I have three stations I fly passenger missions out of. Fed, Imp and Alliance, also three kinds of economies, they give differing types of missions.
I am allied with the controlling faction and while hauling secretive and wanted passengers I am never scanned by the local security force and so never fired upon by security forces or the station. Actually I'm allied with all factions at those stations, more high priced missions that way.
I am at times scanned by faction ships not from in system but once in the no fire zone nothing will happen.
To be clear, I fly a Beluga and I don't dilly dally pressing my luck. Pull up, hit auto dock and I'm home free.
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Those missions send NPCs to track you down from time to time. You always get a comms message to announce their presence. After that they will either try to interdict you or follow you to the station or anywhere else you drop out. After dropping out use a heatstink to break target lock while you spool up your FSD or land. The most important thing is not to hang about anywhere. Don't use the docking computer except inside stations. A fast ship helps
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