[INDEPENDENT] Section 51 R.A.I.D. Division is looking for Pilots.

Welcome Commanders:

Section 51 R.A.I.D. Division is looking for mature pilots regardless of how long you have been playing the game. Our primary mission is to defend human inhabited space from the Thargoids and hunt them down anywhere they hide. We regularly schedule runs to guardian space for newer players to unlock guardian modules and weapons. We do Friday Night Fights, which is an event that we get together as a wing and hunt Thargoids, combat mine and go after capital ships, or any other good suggestion that sounds fun. A couple of us have secondary accounts that we use for long range exploration as well. We also help the new players by softening the learning cliff that is Elite Dangerous, we understand that it can be very difficult as a new player to gain traction. We have a program that will have you mining and making plenty of credits in just a few days. You can check out our website below or some of our antics on the posted YouTube channel. We are a TeamSpeak 3 squadron and you can find someone on most every night at the link below, just mention this recruiting post. Look forward to flying with you commanders and see you in the black.

CMDR Normin
Website: https://section51raid.guildtag.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVja9wvXjGSLvik5tRy_QTw?view_as=subscriber
TeamSpeak: ts99.gameservers.com:9113
I have been flying with these guys for a few months now and what I like the most is they actually get on coms (TS) and do stuff together. Super awesome with new players...seriously they are patient with folks.

Mostly and older and mature group of players. A relaxed atmosphere and laid back sense of humor. Good times all around.

We have done eng, combat, mining, Thargoids and just farting around where ever we happen to be that night.

o7 CMDR's
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