Seeking a home


I have been back in the game for sometime now. I have Horizons and im looking for a new home. Im based in the UK, trader, miner and sometimes killer. Looking for a decent sized group based in imperial space.

Pilot name Lugo Crellen.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Sacra Oculus is semi-casual and also part of an alliance, which means there are alliance wide events available every Saturday. We are in numerous star systems, control plenty and we are also involved in protecting rare trade commodities and permits. We even control the system of Zende where the controversial ferry is located. Head over to our Discord at
o7, CMDR Lugo Crellen. I am a Councillor of the Resonance Fleet. We are an independent squadron with a minor faction in imperial space. We would be happy to have you with us, to get an idea of our size, join our discord. That's also where you can submit an application to join. However, we are currently fighting against the imperial force present there, so if that should be a problem for you, then maybe another squadron would be more suited to your needs.
Greetings CMDR,

Octavian Vanguard are a English speaking Imperial factionalist squadron on PC / Mac platform, the majority of our members are also from the UK and our numbers have been growing to a fairly decent size and quite active, particularly in UK / EU TZ, so hopefully we could be just what you are looking for.

Our interests are varied, we have our own minor faction which is currently expanding to its 7th system with objectives based gameplay to help our faction, we do bounty hunting, trading, mining often too and some of us are also interested in PVP / Powerplay / Thargoid hunting wing activities when the mood suits.

Take a look at our inara page for more information on what we are about and for link to our Discord server
Hi Lugo Crellen,

Nova Imperum is happy to offer you place to stay! We are Imperial squadron call Nova Navy that have many active players, we are locate at Paresa and we are focus on helping Nova Imperium BGS. This is our Discord and this is our lore! Hope to se you real soon!

Yours sincerely,

Hadrian Augustus Duval
Lugo, Artemis Corporation is located in Imperial Space. We do a little bit of everything, except power play and role playing. We're laid back and low drama, but also serious about playing the game, and we're always looking for members. We have a number of UK players among us and would love for you to check us out to see if you like how we do things.

Our forum recruitment announcement is here:

It has links to our inara profile and discord server. I hope to see you soon!
Hello CMDR Lugo Crellen - If you are in a squadron now, then please disregard the rest of the post. :)

Spiral Spirits is a newly created faction, we do a little bit of everything, combat, mining, exploring and more to come. Noticed that you want a decent size group, sadly for now it's only me and is recruiting for active, Imperial aligned players. Spiral Spirits is a relaxed, fun and chilled squadron.

Hope to see you soon CMDR!
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