Self-Powered Rollercoasters plus others

Hi first post so bear with me :)

currently loving the Console edition and got all the DLC but is there any chance of adding a Self-Powered coaster? See plenty of these where the speed is generated by the train itself and not from a standard chain lift etc...

good examples of this were the Runaway Train and Buffalo Stampede ride at American Adventure (U.K.) (now owned by Mellors Group and Twin Lakes respectively). As well as the runaway mine train at Alton Towers...

I know we have the Disneyland-Styled Splash Mountain-alike Canyon Runner train and the chain lift dragon coaster but these could be easily adapted to use a self powered coaster track and train propulsion system

Also more themed big wheels? Again loved the Wagon themed big wheel at American Adventure too (see photo

In the middle of trying to recreate American Adventure park and these are a couple of struggles in having for accuracy 😂😂



This is something I desperately want to see added, I posted it as part of various suggestions in this link
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