Separate entrance and exit stations for track based rides?

My memory is shaky and I cannot remember if we could do this in RCT3, but it would be nice (and realistic) to have the option when designing track based rides (whether they be coasters, go karts, whatever) to have separate entrance and exit stations, i.e where people exiting the ride are not visible to those getting on the ride, where ride vehicles travel empty briefly between exit and entrance. I suspect such an option would be especially welcome for those who like to design dark rides where this design practice is most common.

I'm not playing the Alpha as I'm awaiting a GPU purchase sometime in the summer, so this may already be possible, or perhaps we'll have a better idea of whether it is in the game when the next Alpha build comes out since I know the next one will focus on coaster construction. Either way it is an addition I would love to see implemented.
As I've Bern trying to do this, I've found out, that it is, at this state of the game, not possible. I really hope that you consider this Option for realism purposes - it'd be a nice addition! (And yes, it was possible in RCT3)