Separate The Notoriety System For Greifers & Pirates who aren't greifing players

With your current system you are punishing pirates as greifers killing an npc should not result in a punishment like that please separate this punishment.

I suggest that PVP Greifers who kill you or make you fail a mission by stealing mission cargo should be locked out of outfitting and penalised ext as you have already implemented.
( mission cargo needs to be labelled as such by manifest scanner so that a pirate knows if they are making you fail a mission )

now importantly in this scenario there is a separate notoriety system for committing minor crimes and murdering npcs that doesn't penalise you in such a damming way.

I suggest that NON PVP pirates who have murdered npcs should get a local notoriety which follows the same system you already have but only locally in the systems you have murdered NPCS players can still bounty hunt you to collect the bounty but you only have to pay back half the bounty and do not incur PVP greifer bounty and notoriety for killing people in self defence.

At a certain point if you have high enough bounty in a particular superpowers systems your non pvp bounty will go Super Power wide so for example the Federation will be hunting for you but the alliance independents and Empire will not

most importantly make the punishments match the crime when I pirate an NPC I am not hurting a person and should not be punished for griefing please fix this thank you. Kye

If anyone has anything to add to this idea or thinks they know a way to improve it please let me and frontier know by commenting below.
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