Notice September Update - Known Issues

The Power Play collect stuff from PP Contact issue has worsened.
I can not use ANY inputs (J/S hat, keyboard or mouse) to collect items. This changed during play today (i.e. I did collect stuff earlier).

{edit} Cargo hold was full {/edit}
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Will there be a next patch? Else is another disaster. Please fix the powerplay softlock and Keyboard look. And the
Many other Problems let the op en Letter not be true communicate with us
Add this to your known issues:


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What about instancing in Wings and even finding people in my own PG or thier PG not visible in SC or normal space. Wing requests are seen but not actionable. It's all a very bad nuisance.
This is what is ruining it for my wing of 4 as well. We don't care very much about the new content, we just wish the game still worked. Constant network problems; de-synchronization between wingmates, between clients and servers, wingmates randomly disappearing and reappearing ingame and in the chat channel. You attack an enemy ship together and you trade fire with it, shredding your shields... then it disappears and reappears 8km away with no damage (though you're still all shot up).

edit: even twenty years ago, in the infancy of online gaming where expectations were much lower, you would bail on a game or server if it had lag issues this bad
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I see that they say the 3rd party API is working is working now. When i try to log into EDSM and use xbox to connect, I still get:
No account found, please try to register again... (#3915413) and when i try to register again, it tells me: That email is not available
I have cleared out my cache, but that did not help at all. Are others still having the same issue?
Do you have Discord? If you message Anthor on the EDSM server he should be able to help. (Links are at the bottom of EDSM web-page).
Thanks, I logged into discord (I have an account, but don't really use it much), and looked back thru issues and saw what i was missing. So thanks again for the tip!
Will please add in this line for Asterope system.

NHSS Level 5 hardly contain Cyclops Thargoids. When they do these Thargoids hardly ever spawn "Ship Flight Data" or "Ship Systems Data" or "Thargoid Ship Signaturs". It is highly annoying too when you drop in a weaponless Anaconda into a NHSS level 5 to find 9 Thargons attacking at once. Fix this please.
The only thing that would make this game worth really playing again is serious effort into stories, simultaneous parallel plots, and real shifts in powers...

There is no hope of player created content. No hope of bigger and more powerful ships and weapons making the game interesting. The basic nature of what has been created is based on an uninspired and boring grind of infinitely available resources and a weak instancing system that doesn't allow worthwhile multiplayer. The only thing fdev has going for elite is the room to create really interesting mysteries, puzzles, and stories. If they bothered to direct their energy that way.
Hello Commanders,

We have just rolled out a server side fix (effective immediately), which should address the following issues on all platforms:
We'll keep you updated of any further developments and bug fixes when the information becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Haven't played for a couple of months.

Been playing today and yesterday and I keep getting "black adder" errors every 5 minutes or so.

Next time, try FIXING the bugs rather than "addressing" them. 🤨
The last month I regularly enter into the game only from the second time. When I turn on the computer, boot the operating system (Windows 10 Pro) and the first start of the game – there is always a message Taupe Cobra.
I close the game program itself, game’s loader and go to my Desktop. After that, I start the game for the second time – and it starts normally. And it always happens like that. I do not understand the reason for such a stable sequence.
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