Notice September Update - Known Issues

They have a separate server they've previously opened to the community to beta test updates. It would have been the correct way to go about this, but they got greedy and wanted that arx store live from the get-go.
Nah I mean they would’ve let us test for two weeks and then pushed the pre-test build :D
Love the new error messages. Just had a Mauve Adder. Now is that worse than a purple Adder but not as bad as a Red adder?
This morning remote workshop resulted in soft lock that would cause me have to exit to main lock in which I need to kill the app entirely. Somehow the problem has become worse.................
Started a laser mining session (Painite ofc) and i got a Scarlet Krait error about 20-25 minutes into session.
Was ok in the begining, but i noticed the 4a Refinery piling up stuff instead of immediately sending processed stuff to cargo bays.
It was passing processed minerals to cargo at a rate of about 1 every 5-7 seconds.
Eventualy about 25 minutes into the session i got disconnected with Scarlet Krait error

And yes, before leaving the base i sold the initial 4A Refinery and fitted a brand new one.

Added it into Issue Tracker, new one, because the behaviour was different than the reported ones which mentioned instant crashing when limpets were returning the fragments to ship
something new to add..... No matter what I do; I cannot get my mapped controls to be seen at all in the game. IF I attempt to do a custom and then just modify that; it removes that one as well. what!? clear as day my custom binds are in the appropriate folders and yet; the game goes... "NOPE" nothing there pick one of these. worked perfectly BEFORE this "update" which feels more like a downgrade to be honest.
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Will Flanagan

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Since the update all my engineered modules are showing a red blob instead of orange. Doesn't this mean they're not working or something?

PS: Power priorities are all over the place but tha't probably down to me :)
Hello Commanders,

We have just rolled out a server side fix (effective immediately), which should address the following issues on all platforms:
We'll keep you updated of any further developments and bug fixes when the information becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding.
That's good to hear.

You're not getting a thank you from me though. This shouldn't have happened at all.

Going into the game now.
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