September Update Launch Date - 18th September.

The only one I'm waiting for a fix for is that horrible bug with the comms where the kb stops working. I have to kill the client just about every time I play because I forget to wait for a few seconds before exiting the comms panel. I can't believe that a bug which requires the player to kill the game and restart it isn't considered critical! It should have been all hands to the pump until resolved and an urgent update released. That's what it was like in my day as a developer. But the world of s/w development isn't like that anymore it seems. Sad really. Yes - I am a retired professional systems programmer.
So far, in the years I've been playing ED, updates have broken/introduced:
  • FSS
  • ScanRam (twice)
  • Death from Above (skimmers raining upon ships landing at planetary outposts)
  • Mission payouts (haulage industry was screwed for months because of this)
  • Removed Grade 5 materials (EFCs) for months.
  • Introduced NPC Skynet ships with Terminator-style weapon load-outs (like multi-cannons firing PAs!)
  • Remapped controller bindings without warning (at least on XB1), almost crashed my Cutter into a station wall thanks to that. Fun times.
  • Broken BGS.
So, yeah, prepare for bugs, and not just the Thargoid kind. 😀
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