September Update Thoughts?

We're only one month away from the September update, so what are your thoughts and/or expectations?

Based on the LaveCon thread here, these are the new features being added:

- Virtual Currency: Arx - As part of the update to the livery system and the introduction of Arx, commanders will be able to acquire cosmetic items by simply playing the game!

- New Livery System: We are introducing is the ability to access the ship livery from the main menu, so even explorers out in the black will be able to change up their ship's appearance without needing to head all the way back to civilization!

- New "In Ship" Starter Experience: At the start of the experience, commanders will be guided through essential pilot training by a flight instructor from the Pilots Federation. During this training, a number of lessons will be taught to commanders, from space flight to combat. All of the training will include VO.

I'm most looking forward to earning virtual currency just by playing. Having come over to the PC from the XBOX, I held off buying most items I already bought on XBOX. So I hope with Arx I'll be able to slowly earn these "bucks" just by playing and unlock some of my favorite cosmetic items on PC without having to pay a second time ;-)

The new livery system sounds very cool. While I'm sure many of the "realism" players are against this (it's not very realistic to paint a huge spaceship in a vacuum in under a minute,) I think most of us will find this feature very convenient! No more heading back to the station to change your ship's look when you realize you and your buddy's ship look almost identical!

And depending on how the new "stater experience" goes, it could be a game changer for new players, and I'll give it a go myself, but it's not something that will benefit existing players. Well, except possibly making it easier to get friends to try the game.

So what are your thoughts? Great minor update, irrelevant to you, or something else?

Fly Safe

I expect it will be a massive disappointment that will spark people saying it's disappointing with others saying they gave what they said.

Then I expect Fdev to needlessly go silent until they disappoint us in December.

this will be followed by more silence before they will stun us with the reveal of 2020 before finally disappointing us with a terrible implementation of it.
New introduction sure is a good thing. Won't do much good for us veterans, but is very welcome. All in all, a good introduction is what the game was missing since launch. Wish it was here much earlier.

Time will tell how good it will be. Arx and the new livery system doesn't interest me much. On the livery system, i am at bases often enough so it doesn't matter to me, but i see the appeal for the explorer.

On being able to earn Arx: don't expect too much. I mean, look at other games where you can earn some of the store currency in game. It sounds nice. You are happy when you get something. Till you calculate the actual value of what you just got. Which then usually is like one or two cent. When considering the time invested vs. the value you get, you're better off spending another hour at work and buy anything you want, then spending days and weeks grinding the currency.

Of course, this is without knowing what we actually get. It's merely my experience from many other games i already played, and i don't really expect FD to strongly deviate from this. I mean, why would they? The other games do well that way: give the players a few cent worth of store currency to lure them there. A sufficient number will then buy more currency to complete their shopping.

That being said: what i really am hoping for would be at least some new content. I know it's not the focus of the next update, but it's still what we veterans would really need: new things to do. Even a few small things would already help.
Powerplay updates, but you knew that. New players have had enough flotation aids given to them.
I'm trying to work out how the new 'flight instructor' will result in all ships getting more slots. I haven't come up with anything logical, but FDev are much better at it than I am.
I see this as a building block for next years release. They clearly anticipate new players joining the game and are trying to improve the new game experience. Doing it this way they can factor in feedback over the next few months. I am hoping that down the line the voice over piece gets used in missions. If they can turn the new player experience into a set of l "missions" for your Pilot's federation licence I think that would be interesting.
I'm trying to work out how the new 'flight instructor' will result in all ships getting more slots. I haven't come up with anything logical, but FDev are much better at it than I am.
I'll take more size-1 slots. Eventually I'll be able to carry the dozen limpet controllers required to finish all these random USS-based missions!
Totally irrelevant to me.
I'm hoping there'll be some QoL changes to exploration, but I'm expecting to be disappointed.
The positive thing is that the disappointment level will be the same as for the April update, no more, no less.

I'd like them to fix all these bugs and finish the half-baked stuff. I know better than to expect this, however.
The Issue Tracker demonstrated to be a completely useless tool. The few bugs that Frontier fixed since the introduction of this tool were so obviouse that they didn't even need any report because forums were full of complains and a lot of people opened directly support tickets.
So I hope that Frontier starts really looking in those reports and provides some serious feedback by fixing these.

I hope they'll fix the Mamba's landing gear.
The Adder got also serious problems. You can see the landing gear structure inside the cockpit when the landing gear is extended.
And the SRV hangar of the Sidewinder is breaking through the cockpit floor.
And the SRV is also clipping through the hangar during boarding. The hangar is too small...
I wonder what are they waiting for to fix these bugs.
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Hope.... one can hope.

I think Arx could be good, don’t like the name at all though. I wonder how long it will take to earn enough points to purchase something from the store?!
Weeks.... months.... years....

The new livery system is a good thing, at least I won’t have to keep flying back to the bubble to change something. But I think the main menu was better with the galactic planetary view. Random galactic views of the galaxy would be awesome, but nevermind.

The flight assistant will have little to no use for me. My commander is well established in his role and a fairly competent pilot. Unless it includes more COVAS speech lines for various things....
I'm trying to work out how the new 'flight instructor' will result in all ships getting more slots. I haven't come up with anything logical, but FDev are much better at it than I am.
If it goes as for Limpet Controllers you'll need a slot for each flight instructor type..
  • Basic Flight
  • Combat
  • Trade
  • Mining
  • Exploration
+5 optional slots for all ships \o/
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