Serious Question, Why cant we name and shame ?

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Just a bit curious why we cant name and shame people, if someone has for example killed a new player, why cant we name and shame them, wouldnt that be a form of crime and punishment, then players who want to be white knights would know who to go after.

and the people who were shamed, would get a bit of proper competition, instead of just killing newbies, they would get a fair fight with someone else ?

what is frontiers rational for protecting people that attack other people who have zero chance against them ? but at the same time providing zero protection for the people who cant protect themselves ?

remember at school the kid that would get bullied and would tell the teachers and they would tell the bullied kid not to tell tales ? in this instance frontier is the teacher. can anyone shed some light for me please ?
Because the world has gone soft. People get faux-offended at the drop of a hat, and there's always some child that wants to go and cry to their mummy because someone hurt their feelings.

Seriously, Kelloggs needs to mix some concrete powder into their breakfast cereal, perhaps the world will harden up a bit...

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But isnt that what we have already ? these gankers are organized witch hunters ? ive seen 4 people go to CGs to kill defenceless haulers etc ? they are organized ? but frontier doesnt let the law abiding citizens also organize ?
Because our society has grown collectively weak from the constant fear of offending someone's precious feelings.

A slightly more reasonable reason is that people could abuse of that without evidence, but then again I don't think people would take any claim at face value anyway, so it's not really a valid answer.
But isnt that what we have already ? these gankers are organized witch hunters ? ive seen 4 people go to CGs to kill defenceless haulers etc ? they are organized ? but frontier doesnt let the law abiding citizens also organize ?

Unless I'm mistaken they're not targetting a specific player, they're targetting a specific player-type. And that's allowed. It might be scummy behaviour at times, but it's within the game rules of Open.

However, that's a different matter to posting "Hey, I don't like CMDR FooBar, let's get him" or (even worse) "Hey, CMDR FooBar did <big list of stuff that CMDR FooBar did not, in fact, do> watch out and KOS!"
The solution is simple. "naming and shaming" should require video evidence. Honestly, not that it matters, easy enough to combat log, hide in Solo/Group modes... Let's see the angry mobs throw their flaming pitch forks into Solo...

I don't do this. I don't (yet) kill other players in the game - I've never had any desire to, and I'm probably not good enough!

BUT - I do believe in game freedom, if people want to grief (in game) they should be allowed to. Why is that a bad thing? It's a game where the combat rank of Elite is the most coveted thing - it promotes killing other ships. We go into HasRes zones and happily kill loads of NPC ships without a care in the world how "noob" they are. We go to Convoy Beacons in famine systems and kill loads of innocent NPC Type 9 pilots for their Chemical Manipulators - that is thoroughly unethical. Nobody complains.

The only failing here, and the only gripe there should be - should be directed at FDev who have failed to make an effecitive crime & punishment system. To be fair they are trying to fix this for 2.4 - we shall see... But I won't blame the griefers. They are just having fun playing the game the way they want to. Players beware! Have fun!!

[It's only a rebuy after all, and money is easy in ED]
Because if it would be allowed it would be hard to find any other topic in between the ones claiming someone did something bad to someone. I think I would be off from reading this forum at that point.

And then the false accusations that Jukelo mentioned. They would happen for sure.
You can say it is because of PC and SJW.
You can say it is because people can't take it like they used to 20years ago

But in the it is pretty much:

Because the last thing this game needs is organised witch-hunts, especially against players who have been targetted for a laugh or some pettiness.

Also this forum would descend into:

"Did not"

"Did so"






etc. etc.

Also just imagine the troll wars between 'muh pve!!!' and 'muh dps!!!' groups. I think that a moderated forum is better than a burning pile of -Redacted-.
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how about, if someone player attacks or kills you, there was an option at the station to set a bounty on their head ? you would only get that option if they had actually done something to you?
Geez, some people take everything and draw the worst possible conclusions about why it is the way it is.

The "no naming & shaming" thing on here is one of the most responsible, sensible and mature things about the place.

If that's not your style, there's Reddit.
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or not even a bounty, how about you can talk to the local station news feed, and tell them what happened to you, and they could put the commanders name on there news feed ?
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