Patch Notes Update Server Turbulence - 12 December 2018

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Down again ...

Kicked out a couple of times, now launcher is won't even log in "Failed to parse JSON primitive." and shows a big white box.
I was struggling with my new found nervous fear for being interdicted in Elite.... and my pulse got back to normal once the game crashed. No fear.

I also had problems with my ship being uncontrollable after a hyper jump. No inputs working except the menu. I have to quit the game and restart from menu to get the inputs to work again.

Just before the server "crash", I prepared for hyper jump, but exited the game to desktop in the hyperdrive charging scene, because I got nervous for some reason and had to get my pulse down. Perhaps I was the cause of a server data corruption.

All these things are not good for my nerves.

Perhaps I should fly a cheaper ship … or quit playing stressful games :)
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