Servers Are Down!!! It's Happening!

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Even the Launcher fails to load properly, only way on this forum is via google!!!! This is the second day running the servers have collapsed over the weekend!
I was expecting orange cringe supposedly funny captions to that post...

Are particular reason as to why it's occured again? This random DC?
Thanks for the response
Hello! Just diving in to say Dav and Gavin are on the case o7 You should be seeing some improvements with connection now (give or take a little turbulence).

Sorry for the inconvenience Commanders!
Thank you for addressing the issue with us. I was smack dab in the middle of a CZ when the issue occurred. I was happily able to reconnect after 20 minutes. I took my frustrations back to the CZ where many were slaughtered, all in the name of the dreaded “Blue Cobra“! 😁
Going fine so far on my end... about to attack a settlement, I'll see how it goes.

Edit / Update: Attack went well, all targets eliminated and the settlement has been... relieved... of its valuables. I'm a bit disappointed only Rank 1 guards were stationed there; they didn't put up much of a fight and neglected to call in backup. Poor form all around.

I didn't notice any irregularities with Thargoids attacking the servers or [Color] [Snake]s booting me from the game. Either the servers have stabilized (for now) or I got lucky.
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