Setup Thrustmaster HOTAS and Paddels

Hi, this is my first post in this Forum, I'm relativly new to ED and just bought myself a nice thrustmaster warthog hotas + thrustmaster paddels. I got them working rather well in game, but when I tried using the target software that comes with them I ran into the problem of not having enogh axis in the virtual stick to bind to the controllers. There are only 8 axis to assign + 2 mouse axis, but last are not very useable... And my controlers got 10 in summ. Is there any workaround for this, or do I just have to arrange with it? Thank you!
Have a look at Aussiedoid's thread to see if that helps you:

ThrustMaster have a profile for ED under Games Settings.
I’m using Warthog HOTAS with the TPR pedals.


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Have you tried:

Disable the 2 brake axes - not much use in ED anyway.


Leave the rudder pedals out of the Target setup and run them as a separate controller.
ED fully supports your joystick/throttle without the Target software. Uninstall/disable that crap completely.

In the years I've owned my Warthog stick, I've only installed the "Target" software" once, for all of 10 minutes. All my sim games support multidevice directly, excepting only X3 Terran Conflict/AP, for that I use vJoy device driver.

FYI The rudder brake pedals are WAY TOTALLY USEFUL, and I brag about them in Star Citizen forums at every opportunity. One of the most cool things Frontier ever did was let you set them as BUTTONS. I use mine to toggle Primary/secondary weapons groups, freeing joystick buttons for other uses. You could use them for chaff/flares, targeting, anything you can set a joystick button for, and you do it directly in ED's setup, no target software.

Frontier hands down has the best device setup capabilities of any game I've played, and only the old Falcon 4.0 comes to mind as being comparable. Star Citizen is so the worst, how they manage the embarassment without comming hari kiri, I don't know.
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