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Recently I started to try to build some different animal shelters for a zoo that I'm planning to start soon. The first one that I created is one inspired by the one used by gemsboks at Berlin Zoo. I didn't wanted to replicate it, just use it as an inspiration, so I created two different versions. It can be used by animals of the size of a gemsbok, gazelle or nyala, for example. Currently I'm developing a bigger one that can be used by bigger species (up to giraffes!)


The animals can access from the two gates located at the rectangular building. The three gates located at the circular building are just decoration, as the animals need much bigger access points. The other version of the building have a funcitional access point on that circular part.


The rear part of the building have some facilities for the staff.


If you want to try it, you can find both versions at the workshop:

I can't give you the exact name in English as I have the game in Spanish, but it is made of metal poles from the New World theme.
After solving the issue about saving blueprints, I've been able to upload the next building of the shelter collection. This is a quite big shelter partially based on the Basel Zoo antilopenhaus. The main structure is similar, but the facade and other details are not based on any other building.

Well, let's start with a picture of the main facade:


From outside, you can identify the main parts of the building.On top, there's the access point for the guests. In the central part you can see the public area for guests, from where they can see the animals when they are inside their shelters. At each side there is a shelter suitable for small to medium sized animals. Both shelters have the same structure and have 3 different gates, so depending how you build the habitats you can use each side for more than one animal. And on the bottom there's a big shelter meant for giraffes.



The indoor area have a wooden decoration. Inside, guests can also find two terrariums for exhibit animals.



If you want to take a deeper look at it, you can download from the workshop:

The building has been saved as an habitat, as it exceeded the maximum number of pieces allowed for a building.
I have published a new shelter for the pack. The antilopenhaus was a big one, but now I'm more focused on small generic shelters that could be used on the same zoo on different animal exhibits. I started with a generic small wooden shelter that can be used for bongos, gazelles, bisons, etc..




You can find it on my workshop:
I've uploaded the wooden shelters that I previously showed. There are two main shelters, one with two variants (one with a flat roof and other with an inclined one).

All of them require the Arctic DLC pack.

Here you can download them:

Now I'm working on an elephant house, inspired by the one at Warsaw Zoo. I'm not planning to recreate it, just use it as a base for the main structure:

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