Shield stripper gun for Fed Gun Ship

Todd isn't far off and should be the next unlock then.

Non-engineered lasers aren't going to be any fun at all, so I didn't recommend them.
It's worth unlocking Todd McQuinn. Not just because he's the multicannon guy, he's also one of the four precursors to the Colonia Engineers, if you ever head out that way again.
Equip plasma accelerators in every slot you possibly can. If a plasma won't fit, equip a rail.

Now no NPCs can oppose you.
As you aren't keen on unlocking other engineers I would try a couple of small beam laser turrets and an SLF armed with lasers or plasma and point defence.

But keep in mind employing an NPC pilot will double the time it takes to gain combat rank.

A single large beam laser will affect their shields but will be a bit of a hot running power hog.
Checked few things and it seems Todd invited me, in fact 2 or 3 jumps from where I currently am. Worth to pay him a visit. His unlock requirements doesn't look bad, occasion to practice combat flying. And material check I have enough stuff to G3 MC off the bat with little to gather to get access to G5. Shouldn't take long this engineering, after i met his requirements, that is.

So for now - thanks for all the sugesstions. I'll try to get Todd to like me enough, get some mats to push to G5, engineer those cannons and see how things changed.
The FGS is too sluggish for cytos, otherwise two SRB II ones would be very spanky. I made a rather masculine FAS with twin SRB II bursts and two SRB II cytos- once you are close in on a big ship the jitter does not matter. Against a nippy opponent though its a very inefficient build.
Greetings CMDRs,

Trader/Explorer trying to combat and seeking some insight about weapon loadout. On my recent shopping spree I've acquired FGS since I didn't even considered anything Federal during my ship progression. I have many ships more or less suited for combat (Vulture, FDL, Corvette) but for the time being I want to focus on FGS so please, treat is as set in stone.

My issue - I'm aware that my current build is far from optimal or even viable, I have lots of work ahead of me - my issue is yesterday I took my Gunship for a quick bounty hunting test.

Ship is A-rated part life support (D here).
Bulkheads are military grade.
6C Bi-wave shields.
Military restricted optionals are filled with hull reinforcements

And for now that's it.

Weapons are ALL multicannons as it was suggested as fun build. So I took this half baked gunship to a HazRES, picked a target (Master DBS) and started shooting. Long story short - I won with 94% hull left.
Main issues encountered:
(apart from lack of piloting skills, poor PIP management)
  • taking enemy shields down took considerable amount of time
  • when shields went finally down I removed remaining 60% of his hull in just one barrage (indeed fun)
At first I was the one who was receiving shots, he managed tostrip my shields and score few % of my hull. Then I git gud and started to avoiding hos shots more while feeding him my ammo. Started bad, finished as I wished.

Now - main question: what to pick as a shield removing tool?

I would like to keep MC as primary weapons and was thinking about replacing that L-size MC in favor of PA. I recall Vindicator Jones' and his FDL video. Awesome stuff. In it he had PA in the largest slot as a welcome shot and other weapons to finish the job. I was wondering if it could be viable option for Gunship. You know, pick target, scan, align when non-aggro'd. O Hai with PA and continue with MCs.

In theory sounds fun.
Are any of the multis modded? You should be using short range and try making some of them thermal. If you switch any of them for lasers do the large hardpoints as those multicannons take so long to spin up they're nearly useless.
OP, try one or two lasers with long range mod (even grade 1 does wonders) to go with your multi-cannons. Give one of your multi-cannons (doesn't matter what size) a corrosive shell experimental.
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I assume you're doing PvE and need to kill more efficiently.

A while back, the game was changed and time-to-kill was significantly increased. The higher rated NPCs received more engineering and all of them spew endless chaff plus the capability of dubious maneuvers. You can still build for killing, it just takes longer.

My fleet is very small, but have some nice ships for PvE combat. An all-MC Python that is fun to fly and can go 1v1 against most ships (except bullet-sponge Pirate Cutters) plus a hull/shield tank Corvette with 4 rails (get the Imp Hammers, they're fun) and MCs that eats any NPC in multiples (really is overpowered).

My two trade ships, the Python and Cutter, have Prismatics, lots of shield boosters, L5 Dirty/Drag Drives and full weapons. They can fight or run when needed.

I've engineered everything so that's done as well. It all helps.

Have fun!
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