Ship Interior Exploration/Mechanics & Additional Areas/Account Love

I've been listening to some of the Elite books on audio book (completed reclamation and currently on tales from the frontier) and they have just been filling my head with ideas for Elite Dangerous!

One of the things thats apparent in the books is how vast your ship actually is. Just the other day, while in game, I looked around my asp explorer and gazed at how big it actually is wondering the layout of the ship. I gotta hand it to elite reclamation for giving me an idea of a eagle mkI & cobra mkIII. Those ships were described a bit and I would love to see them for myself one day!
Ideally if the addition of space legs becomes a thing this will make the most of viewing the inside of a ship. I had the thought that one way we could get a taste of viewing our ships would be from the addition of a linked interior exploration system. By that I mean a viewing interface that is similar to when you click outfitting at a station and it brings you to a view of your current ship with adjustment options. With something like that it could also supply an area to do additional activities, such as the synthesis section or additional game mechanics when in space. Initially this can be implemented as a type of sightseeing feature. There is a bit of that already with the camera suite feature but that is just limited to the bridge. I was thinking this could be expanded to space stations and many other areas of the game. If a means to interacting with a station itself was setup this could lead to a slew of additional features like shops for material manipulation and specialty mission givers to provide not your average missions.

As a ps4 player I've been digging into everything that elite can offer at this time. Im a player who enjoys picking up the ship kits when deciding on outfitting a new ship and really personalizing it. With that said, down the road I would love to play on the computer with a VR setup but would hate to have all my time and real money invested locked out. I would suggest seriously considering a account transfer service. Blizzard has done this with characters for world of warcraft at the rate of around $15 US. I think Frontier would be doing the community a huge service by offering this option.
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