Ship Launched Miner?

With mining being a ton more enjoyable thanks to the recent changes, it's still lacking a little bit in the multicrew department. Collector limpets are all well and good, but moving an Anaconda around an exposed asteroid core to get an abrasion blaster hit, that's pretty annoying. Hell it's even a bit of a pain in most of the larger and medium ships, and thus my suggestion.

A Ship Launched "Fighter" equipped with an Abrasion blaster, and possibly the ability to tow fragments as a utility (debating that). The fighter would be fairly slow, lack firepower, and be useless for combat, but be a good utility for endgame mining commanders and their friends.

An SLF of such design could allow a three man multicrew to scour through asteroid belts as a cohesive team, one manning conventional lasers, the other taking over specialised tools such as Seismic charge and Subsurface missile launchers, with a third utilising this recon ship to get into hard to reach deposits.
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