Ship Loadouts

Dear Frontier Dev Team,

I love your game. This is truly a suggestion, not a complaint.

Please add a feature to save ship loadouts like you already can with pilot customuzation profiles. If you have the necessary modules stored at the station then switching to that loadout would be free or “labor only”. If you don’t then the cost to purchase missing items would be due. If the station doesn’t sell the missing items then you would get a message telling you what components can’t be added.

I don’t want two Anacondas, but I have a heck of a time keeping up with configurations fir different roles.

Thank you, tremendous game!


This is exactly what I thought about today. It takes quite a while to re-equip your ship from exploration to combat or other roles. Want to farm some res-sites with a friend? Oh, pls wait 20min, I've to re-equip my Conda first...

Other games implemented this as well via patch (e.g. Diablo 3, The Division) and its a great feature.

Any plans for that?
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