Shipment of Ships from stations

Currently you ship ships from A to B. You have to be in B and you choose to ship your shipfrom A to B. I want to be in A and ship it to B. Or be in C and ship it from A to B.... for example im in colonia and ship my ship from sol to lave if i wanted to, or im in SOL and i ship my ship from sol to Lave. I would like Complete movement of ships anywhere id like no matter where i am. This would make coordination MUCH MUCH easier. I feel the state it is in now is so broken it should be free to use. LET GET SUPPORT FOR THIS ----07
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This has been suggested a few time before.
Whilst I personally would find the facility useful, as you say OP for coordination, others disagree - for example you could transfer all your ships over to Palin for the upgrades he offers and then send them back...saving 10's of hours for each engineer. I personally don't have an issue with that as I have a life and play time is valuable to me - so want to achieve as much as I can in the time I have.
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