Ships should have more decal slots and custom decal layouts

Would be cool if larger ships, such as Condas & Cutters had more decal slots as I've basically run out of places to stick the ones I want to have on my ship! Also, it would be fab if there was different layouts, eg if you just wanted your Cobra to be one giant flying decal then you could select a layout with only one giant slot.


It'd be a lot of work, but I'd love it customisation was similar to the Need For Speed (or atleast the ones I used to play) games.

Placing layers of various decals, anywhere on the ship, and size, or rotation, mirror, etc, over one another, and color them individually to create truly unique ships. :)

Rather than sell paintjobs, FD can sell decal packs. Such as, letters, basic geometry, complex geometry, flags, etc.

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
So you want to basically look like this?



I guess I could +1 the sentiment.
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