Shorter track building sections for coaster + train lenghts

I've noticed this on a few rides such as this Aces Sky and also on the Steel Hydra. The shortest track section available here is 12meters (39.3 feet). To get the track shape I need, a much shorter track piece is necessary.


Here is a quick example of the Flying Turns at Knoebels (an excellent and unique ride). Notice the hill going up in the lower left corner. There are other hills formed on the ride, but this is a good example of what would be nice to re-create.


I would also like to see different train lengths available. A good recent example is the SLV. Only a 6-car train is available, while some of the most popular real-life counter parts (Mind Bender in Georgia, still my #1 steel looping coaster!) have 7-car trains. There is even a (forgot the trade name) "steel lasso" type shuttle coaster built with a 9-car train (albeit with the often despised shoulder bars). There are a few coasters in the game where it would be nicer to have longer trains. Oddly, the classic wood coaster train can have a very long train - like 10 cars or something kinda funny.
If you go into Settings/Game, you can disable track limits. This will allow 4m track lengths for all coasters (among other things)
^Most excellent! Thank you. I just did it - so easy and makes me happy [big grin] I keep learning and learning in this game, so much fun and keeps my attention.

Now to the train length issue? Did I miss something on that as well?
Now to the train length issue? Did I miss something on that as well?
Either install cheat engine or beg Frontier to change things. It's only worked so far for one coaster type. (Gnarler)

Coaster types that still need their train length increased:
Iron Fury (10 ->12)
Tiamat (7 -> 8)
Vector (5 -> 6)
and since you brought it up, the SLV (6 -> 7)
In some scenarios I actually think it would be nicer to have less than 4m. Maybe 1m. It would make some coasters more realistic.
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