Should Air for Life support be a resupply or a repair

Playing elite trying to do some bounty mission I had stacked.All was going well till I decided to try and take on a conda and Asp on my own managed to destroy the Asp but by the time it came to the conda my Shields where all but gone. Try to get it but my canopy blow so decided to bug out just in time with 3% hull. Go to the station for repair but the station don't do resupplying don't need any ammo at the minute so leave it go back to doing my missions. Get a dangerous clipper that's a mission target think great a pretty easy kill in my python. Boy was I wrong got his Shields down fairly quickly and did a fair bit of hull damage but then he decided to turn on the top gun mode and I couldn't keep him in front of me and he had turreted weapons. so after a while my Shields where gone my canopy goes fairly quickly after my shields but I notice that I only have 2:50 of air in my life support which was not enough to get me to the nearest station for repair.

So I was a bit annoyed with my self at first for being in that situation in the first place. But then I thought but you don't go to the garage to get a new tyre. On your car and the mechanic turns round to you and say's to you I put your new tyre on but you'll have to drive to the petrol station to put air in it.
I thought your air supply auto replenishes whenever you land for free! But i think you have to be in atmosphere, so Coriolis stations its as soon as you enter slot the countdown stops, but air replenishes only when you touch down, planets and outposts, i think you have to enter the hangar to get the replenish to work.

Length of air supply is dependent on your Life support module rating E gives you 5 Minutes, A gives you 25 mins with a gradual increase on the between modules. I am assuming you had an E or D rated module?

Are you sure you weren't in the heat of the battle and didn't check you air until 2.5 mins after the canopy went?

I am not sure what data is contained in your player journal, that might tell you if it was 2.5 mins as soon as canopy went.

It might be a bug, so you could log a support ticket if you have your journal file and they could look at it?
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