Show us your interesting discoveries!

Deleted so many good bookmarks over the last few years. Wish I still had all these still.

Black Hole in very close proximity to Neutron Star. Not something I'd seen prioe to this but have since.

Neutron and White Dwarf almost touching streams. Never seen a pair this close since.

Neutron Star pretty much clipping the edge of its companion.

Triple Neutron.
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Yup. The thing is, the habitable zone of a T dwarf by itself is too small and close... but if there are other stars nearby, they can help "extend" it, if you will. However, when it comes to dwarf stars, many times the Earth-like will end up co-orbiting the other stars as well. In your find's case, there's only an L dwarf close by: close enough that it helps heat the ELW, far enough that the planet doesn't end up co-orbiting both stars.
I checked the list, but I can't find an ELW orbiting a T dwarf. Only 2 ELWs co-orbiting a T dwarf and another star. So this ELW found by xtnsgo would be the first one in the list! The closest I came to one of these is an ELW orbiting a L9 dwarf (heated by a Neutron far away) I found yesterday.
@ Guywano: Hey, you're right, I made a mistake there, and the count's broken as well. (Turns out there are 32 Earth-likes which co-orbit a T dwarf and another star.) In that case, congratulations again to xtnsgo on being the first to discover such!

@ Stulli: Oh, you finally found one? Congrats! I've also spent plenty of hours on Speccy's ELM's moon trying to find a site, but came up empty.
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This planet looked interesting as I approached:

It's a planetary pair, almost touching !

Not quite. Leave the one planet and immediately you are in orbital cruise of the other :)

I am wondering if that mountain scarring on the bigger planet has anything to do with the close proximity of the smaller one, according to Planetary Forge? Or just coincidence?

Anyone interested, it is here:

I haven't claimed the system yet, but am not likely to be able to for quite some time, so I leave it for posterity :)

The planetary details are:

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I bet there's some awesome views from each of those planet surfaces!

26000 ly from the bubble. Might be worth a trip!
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I bet there's some awesome views from each of those planet surfaces!

26000 ly from the bubble. Might be worth a trip!
Yes, I shall have to fly between them and see how that looks.

Here's a photo from the smaller planet. The lens is zoomed back so the larger planet looks relatively small, but it's a nice view:

I have just revisited, and the planets are further apart, so there must be an elliptical orbit involved. I will check again in a few hours.

The small one does a full orbit every 4 hours. It doesn't look so close when I fly between them, but closer than most moon pairs, I think.

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