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Completely random find - this system is nuts! Found a system with five Helium Rich GGs in it - the three brown GGs in the companion system, the big white ringed GG orbiting the red class IV GG in the primary system, and the 8th planet of the primary (the smaller white GG).

The primary's fourth planet is a sub-neptunian Class III giant with a VERY close Io-like moon with only a 2 day orbital period. And there's a distant Brown Dwarf companion to the F V primary (I haven't seen that often around these stars). AND the 8th planet in the companion system is an HMC with a waterworld moon!

I found a couple of catalog systems that were undiscovered (by pure luck), that also had "Hot Jupiter" gas giants (orbiting very close to the star), which are a personal favorite to look for. It's really cool when there's more than one, in separate solar orbits, but close enough together to clearly see both. Both of these systems had two inner gas giants each.

These are in KOI 46, and KOI 1751.

(The official definition of a "Hot Jupiter" is a gas giant with an orbital period of 10 days or less, but some of the ED planets that are a little outside of that are still pretty nifty).

KOI = Kepler Object of Interest, detected by the Kepler space telescope.

KOI 46:

(that's not a moon in the image, it's the other gas giant in a separate orbit)

KOI 1751:

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Thought I would add some less seen pairings, in my exploration at any rate.

Pair of Red Giants and their less expansive friends.

White Dwarf with Gas Giant with ammonia based life.

Black Hole with Red Giant.

Finally, Twin Herbig stars with B star and landable body.
An Ammonia world with some giant rings which could fit the planet inside them. I just like it since it looks like the ammonia world is actually sitting on a pedestal...

8th planet of Lysood NT-H d10-8
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