Sidewinder Mk. I Galactic Circumnavigation Attempt


Sidewinder Commanders wanted for hazardous Galactic circumnavigation. Vast solitudes, Galactic voids to traverse, low jump range, no defences, limited equipment, tiny quarters, long months of complete darkness. Safe return uncertain. Honour and recognition in event of success. Only Commanders of fully-engineered long range Sidewinder Mk. I scout vessels need apply. Report to Moni Hub in the Maia System, and ask for 'Papi'.

So read the obscure cryptic advertisement published in Void Magazine, which I unearthed some weeks ago. As an Elite explorer and owner of two fully-engineered Sidewinders, I was intrigued enough by the advertisement to make inquiries. Arriving at Moni Hub in the Maia System in my exploration Sidewinder Enterprise then, I was surprised when 'Papi', a furtive-looking fellow who would not remove his opaque helmet, met me in Hangar 01 at Moni Hub as soon as I disembarked my tiny ship. I later gathered from Station Services that for some weeks 'Papi' had been accosting all Sidewinder Commanders arriving at Moni Hub, and until my own arrival he had been disappointed when each Commander had turned out to be at the station on business entirely unrelated to the advertisement. It seemed that I was the only applicant. Despite not getting my name right at first, 'Papi' told me I was exactly the Commander he was looking for, handed me a chart of route data, mumbled something about how he was off to free Onrira from the cartels, then slipped away. I do not expect to see him ever again.

(Enterprise parked at Moni's Hub)

To say I was disappointed with this turn of events is no understatement. I had expected to be applying to take part in a fully-sponsored and publicized mass expedition, not confronted by some inscrutable anonymous huckster. But the more I looked over the outrageous itinerary he had handed to me, outlining a voyage the likes of which would be an imposing challenge even in a fully-engineered Anaconda, the more I felt like attempting it in a Sidewinder Mk. I, purely for the audacity of the venture.

(Route for Sidewinder Galactic circumnavigation courtesy of 'Papi')

It is not clear to me at this time if the proposed Galactic circumnavigation route with which 'Papi' furnished me is actually viable, even for the Enterprise. The limitations of the Sidewinder Mk. I mean that when outfitting such a vessel for long range exploration, choices and sacrifices have to be made in terms of capabilities. Jump range of course is paramount. In order to maximize jump range, the Enterprise carries no weapons or defences. All core modules are engineered for maximal jump range, with the exception of the Class 2D Power Plant, which has a Grade 3 Low Emissions upgrade which reduces jump range by 0.1L-y (this is to keep temperatures down whilst fuel scooping, especially with the Grade 5 Dirty Drive Tuning upgrade fitted to the Class 2D Thrusters, enabling acceptable speeds when reconnoitring planets). The question of which optional modules to install has also been dictated by the Sidewinder's limitations. A Class 2A Fuel Scoop is essential of course, as is a Class 1 Advanced Discovery Scanner, leaving only a Class 2 and a Class 1 module slot available for additional modules. Shields would prevent minor damage accruing during bumpy landings. Extra Fuel Tanks would be very helpful in traversing brown dwarf fields, as the stock Sidewinder fuel tanks can only hold fuel for one or two jumps without refuelling. Then an AFMU would enable repairs during the long and arduous voyage, particularly FSD maintenance to allow neutron jumping. However, I have chosen instead of these modules to equip my ship with a Class 2G Planetary Vehicle Hangar and a Class 1C Detailed Surface Scanner to enable surface prospecting for Jumponium. The ability to find and gather Jumponium is well-worth the nearly 6L-y loss in jump range for the sake of the Hangar, SRV and DSS. Expecting to refuel in almost every system, a Grade 5 Lightweight Heat Sink Launcher is fitted for occasional accidents jumping into close binary systems, reducing jump range by another 0.16L-y. The compromises to reduce or eliminate accruing heat damage on a 300,000 Light-year voyage are worth losing a mere ¼ Light-year in range. This leaves the Enterprise with a maximum jump range of 28.12L-y.

The Enterprise final loadout is as follows then:

Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder Mk. I RV Enterprise

(Enterprise leaving Jameson Memorial for Waypoint №1 Moni's Hub)

Speed: 295m/s
Boost: 430m/s

Max. Jump Range: 28.12L-y
Laden Jump Range: 27.42L-y
Total Jump Range: 66.67L-y

Shield: 0MJ
Armour: 146
DPS: 0

Cargo: 0t
Fuel: 2t
Unladen Mass: 41t
Laden Mass: 43t

Crew: 1

1C Lightweight Alloy G5 Heavy Duty
2D Power Plant G3 Low Emissions
2D Thrusters G5 Dirty Drive Tuning
2A Frame Shift Drive G5 Increased Range
1D Life Support G4 Lightweight
1D Power Distributor G3 Engine Focused
1D Sensors G5 Lightweight
1C Fuel Tank

2A Fuel Scoop
2G Planetary Vehicle Hangar
1C Advanced Discovery Scanner
1C Detailed Surface Scanner


0I Heat Sink Launcher G5 Lightweight

This is possibly the most minimal exploration ship in the Galaxy. So far she has barely left the Orion Spur, having recconnoitred type 'K' orange stars in a region close to the Bubble suspected of harbouring the fabled Thargoid world of Miackce, and taken part in the Small Worlds Expedition 2, which took her briefly into the Orio-Persean Gap when she traversed the Elephant Trunk Nebula, and no further from Sol than 6,497.52L-y when she reached the final destination of SWE2 at the NGC 6820 Nebula. The Enterprise is now at Moni's Hub preparing for her awesome journey around the Galaxy. Very soon she will be heading for Waypoint №1, the Mic Turner Research Station in the California Sector.

Follow her exploits here.


Stage One: The Orion Spur

The short first stage of this immense voyage takes us through a number of interesting locations, including an investigation of a triple ammonia world system. Finally this shake-down cruise takes us to the Farsight Expedition Base, the last repair stop on the Circumnavigation.


Waypoint №1 - 0L-y from previous Waypoint - 0L-y cumulative distance - Moni's Hub, Maia

This small industrial outpost in the Maia System is a perfect starting point for an expedition of this magnitude, being as it is in the centre of the Pleiades Nebula, itself the centre of research and investigation into the Thargoid Mystery. It also has full facilities barring a shipyard.

(Enterprise ready for launch from Waypoint №1 Moni's Hub)

Waypoint №2 - 621.45 - 621.45 - Mic Turner Research Facility, California Sector BA-A e6

Waypoint №3 - 790.39 - 1,411.84 - Flaming Star Logistics Centre, Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0

Waypoint №4 - 949.44 - 2,361.28 - Trifid of the North Nebula, Trifid of the North Sector HR-W d1-8


Waypoint №5 - 1,701.11 - 4,062.39 - Oyster Nebula, GCRV 2334

Waypoint №6 - 1,225.77 - 5,288.16 - The Sleguae Terrestrials, Sleguae XT-A b20-11


Waypoint №7 - 1,697.09 - 6,985.25 - Altera's Eye, IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3


Waypoint №8 - 1,312.35 - 8,297.60 - Farsight Expedition Base, Heart Sector IR-V b2-0

Stage Two: The Formidine Rift

In Stage Two we enter the mysterious Formidine Rift, exploring the gaps between Waypoints related to Project Dynasty and the Formidine Rift Mystery 28L-y at a time, finally taking us to the Far Bridge. This would be an epic adventure all in itself, but it is only the beginning. For beyond the Far Bridge, assuming I make it that far, we cross the almost entirely unknown region of Lower Angustia into the Outer Arm and towards the edge of the Galaxy...


Waypoint №9 - 832.01 - 9,129.61 - Formidine Rift Abandoned Settlements, Eafots LZ-H b10-0 D1: -23.08, -174.89

Waypoint №10 - 1,945.84 - 11,075.45 - Triptych in Bronze, Myoideau JI-K d8-4

Waypoint №11 - 714.38 - 11,789.83 - Formidine Rift Depot, Phrio Hypa TF-L d9-0

Waypoint №12 - 1,459.56 - 13,240.39 - Zurara, Syreadiae JX-F c0

Waypoint №13 - 3,555.65 - 16,796.04 - New Vista, Glufoa HE-P b19-0


Waypoint №14 - 8,869.72 - 25,665.76 - The Far Bridge, Pria Eup TD-T d3-8

Stage Three: The Outer Arm


Waypoint №15 - 5,180.75 - 30,846.51 - Meridian West Depot, Preou Thoe RK-Y c1-0

Waypoint №16 - 18,290.16 - 49,136.67 - Banded Azane, Lyruewry BK-R d4-12


Waypoint №17 - 4,401.37 - 53,538.04 - El Dorado, Upper Angustia Depot, Blooe Phroo VO-P d6-6


Waypoint №18 - 9,663.12 - 63,201.16 - Outer Arm Depot, Phae Flaae OO-Z d13-35


Waypoint №19 - 5,565.75 - 68,766.91 - Osprey Stellar Remnant, Eos Brai KR-W e1-4


Waypoint №20 - 3,089.55 - 71,856.46 - Premonition Geysers, Koijoo XS-T d3-40

Waypoint №21 - 3,255.80 - 75,112.26 - Mount Glenn, Hypi Bra CH-M d7-85



Waypoint №22 - 6,444.04 - 81,556.30 - Plae Fleau CB-O e6-2 Nebula, Plae Fleau CB-O e6-2


Waypoint №23 - 5,394.01 - 86,950.31 - Eactaisky Stellar Remnant, Eactaisky IR-N e6-2

Stage Four: The Scutum-Centaurus Arm



Waypoint №24 - 9,706.19 - 96,656.50 - Alastor, Flyoo Groa SO-Z e0

Waypoint №25 - 4,242.52 - 100,899.02 - The Four Muses, Strivie JG-Y e3


Waypoint №26 - 11,384.33 - 112,283.35 - Thueche Brahe Nebula, Thueche LS-A d1-54

Waypoint №27 - 3,952.63 - 116,235.98 - Dante's Inferno, Auphaigh CL-Y g1

Waypoint №28 - 588.53 - 116,824.51 - Smootae Depot, Smootae AL-N b20-0


Waypoint №29 - 8,839.78 - 125,664.29 - Fly Trap Nebula, Pyrivo HW-V e2-8


Waypoint №30 - 796.49 - 126,460.78 - Bryagh's Nest, Pyriveae FK-C d14-72
1a: -11.56, -50.83


Waypoint №31 - 8,660.19 - 135,120.97 - Syrivou NC-D d12-7 Geysers, Syrivou NC-D d12-7
B3a: 15.2019, 14.1096

Waypoint №32 - 463.11 - 135,584.08 - Roncevaux Depot, Byeia Chruia BD-T b58-0

Waypoint №33 - 16.13 - 135,600.21 - The Roncevaux Crossing, Qautheia BA-A e0



Waypoint №34 - 5,139.84 - 140,740.05 - The Sublustris Beacon, Cheae Eurl AA-A e0

Waypoint №35 - 3,480.96 - 144,221.01 - Permadesco Zoi, Puwhoi ZO-I d9-4

Waypoint №36 - 1,164.72 - 145,385.73 - Last Stop Saloon, Fleckia FI-Z d1-6

Waypoint №37 - 5,197.62 - 150,583.35 - Grill at the End of the Road, Ceeckia ER-I b43-0

Waypoint №38 - 257.05 - 150,840.40 - Beagle Point

Stage Five: The Sagittarius-Carina Arm

Waypoint №39 - 8,058.42 - 158,898.82 - Lonely Candle, Nuweou CO-F d12-4

Waypoint №40 - 1,649.33 - 160,548.15 - Doris, Pyrie Eurl UY-S d3-13

Waypoint №41 - 3,917.88 - 164,466.03 - Frozen Arcadia, Ooctarbs CP-E c25-1


Waypoint №42 - 2,275.92 - 166,741.95 - Lady Huggins' Cluster, Chu Thaa GG-Y d0

Waypoint №43 - 1,116.90 - 167,858.85 - Silentium Shores, Hyphielia QH-K c22-0

Waypoint №44 - 3,857.80 - 171,716.65 - Fireshadow, Qauthai PX-U e2-0

Waypoint №45 - 1,556.27 - 173,272.92 - Furthest Fireflies, Byoo Chraei AA-A f0

Waypoint №46 - 2,513.26 - 175,786.18 - Teliki Carina Depot ('The Galactic Byway'), Praei Bre FO-P c19-2

Waypoint №47 - 4,586.31 - 180,372.49 - Don Quijote, Suvaa NL-P d5-29


Waypoint №48 - 414.29 - 180,786.78 - Allatar and Pallando, Suvua FG-Y f0

Waypoint №49 - 1,657.30 - 182,444.08 - Sacrebleu, Grie Prao LH-E b59-1

Waypoint №50 - 4,711.42 - 187,155.50 - Muntasir, Chraichoi ZF-L d9-58

Waypoint №51 - 4,898.05 - 192,053.55 - Bees Patthar (Penguin's Rest), Gooroa GY-F d12-7
A2a: 43.74, 105.13

Waypoint №52 - 5,023.10 - 197,076.65 - The Hypaa Byio Buoy, Hypaa Byio ZE-A g1


Waypoint №53 - 5,403.42 - 202,480.07 - Ultima Centauri, Eembaitl DL-Y d13

Waypoint №54 - 2,971.19 - 205,451.26 - Gaseous Roulette, Systipa ML-B c2-2

Waypoint №55 - 2,580.31 - 208,031.57 - Thana's Wasteland (Xuan Wu Abode), Mycapp TX-U d2-4

Waypoint №56 - 2,456.64 - 210,488.21 - Erebus 34, Shumbua AA-A h34

Waypoint №57 - 3,351.59 - 213,839.80 - Eock Prau Nebula (Bai Hu Den), Eock Prau WD-T d3-6
AB2: -52.5, -112.4

Waypoint №58 - 6,615.21 - 220,455.01 - The Grie Hypai Anomaly, Grie Hypai DL-Y g2

Stage Six: The Perseus Arm


Waypoint №59 - 10,006.98 - 230,461.99 - King Midas, Prea Aick MO-Z d13-2

Waypoint №60 - 6,106.98 - 236,568.97 - Goliath's Sling, Groa Eaeb KT-O d7-4

Waypoint №61 - 4,227.25 - 240,796.22 - Void's Brink, Chanoa QK-C d14-0


Waypoint №62 - 11,367.72 - 252,163.94 - Ostium Tenebris, Pla Aick GA-A e1


Waypoint №63 - 17,271.21 - 269,435.15 - Hyon Cluster, Hyuedau UY-S e3-5


Waypoint №64 - 5,939.04 - 275,374.19 - The Dancing Dwarfs, Gludgou EL-P e5-18


Waypoint №65 - 3,302.68 - 278,676.87 - Pirates Depot, Skull and Crossbones Neb. Sector HW-W c1-7

Waypoint №66 - 21.50 - 278,698.37 - King's Ransom, 2MASS J07523554-2625083

Waypoint №67 - 6,670.59 - 285,368.96 - The Hypimy Oasis, Hypimy LM-W e1-1

Waypoint №68 - 1,465.40 - 286,834.36 - NGC 2286 Cluster, NGC 2286 Sector WD-T d3-1

Waypoint №69 - 5,199.04 - 292,033.40 - Station X, Crab Sector DL-Y d9

Waypoint №70 - 691.37 - 292,724.77 - Perseus Deep, Croidaea OO-X d2-1


Waypoint №71 - 1,828.67 - 294,553.44 - NGC 1931 Nebula, NGC 1931 Sector PD-S b4-0


Waypoint №72 - 2,538.97 - 297,092.41 - Beta Site, Jellyfish Sector FB-X c1-5

Waypoint №73 - 854.99 - 297,947.40 - Collinder 89 Open Cluster, HD 42896


Waypoint №74 - 2,677.23 - 300,624.63 - Hades' Edge, HD 49368


Waypoint №75 - 1,386.01 - 302,010.64 - Alcazar's Hope, Merope


Waypoint №76 - 467.28 - 302,477.92 - Onrira, CD-35 9019

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Good luck Cmdr o7

I always like seeing other Cmdr's taking on interesting things outside the box of normality. Most would take an Explor-a-Conda with 60+ly jump range, You are taking a Sidewinder and I salute you for the task at hand. I wish you good fortune Cmdr, I spend many months out in the void, May our path's ever cross I shall have to open that rare Lavian Brandy and use my sacred Hutton mugs for the meeting.

Fly safe Cmdr..... And remember to get the camera out, we want pics!!
You're definitely a glutton for punishment, I'll give you that.
Where's the punishment? I'm leaving all that far behind me.

This is worthy of Admiration, or Pity?
Ask me again when I get back.

What jump range do you need then to not need jumponium?
I'm not sure. The longest voyage I've made previously was from the Bubble across the centre of the Galaxy to just beyond Beagle Point and back. That was in my pre-Engineers Asp Abeona, jump range 33-36L-y; I took the direct route across the Abyss and needed a handful of boosted jumps, a couple of them Premium. This voyage is more than twice that distance, and takes me through some very sparse areas, and my jump range is more like 27-28L-y.

I'd guess you need at least 50L-y to not need Jumponium at all. 34L-y to not get completely stuck without Jumponium.

Thank you all for your good wishes, I really wasn't expecting that. Now I know how Captain Scott felt. Of course I will be updating this thread with images and possibly videos too. And now I have an appointment at Mic Turner Research Facility.

/\¯/\ o7
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Days One - Three

Day One:

Waypoint №2 - 621.45 - 621.45 - Mic Turner Research Facility, California Sector BA-A e6

(Enterprise leaving Moni's Hub)

A not uneventful trip to the Mic Turner Base in the California Nebula. At Pleiades Sector GR-V b2-0 I encountered three Non-Human Signal Sources simultaneously and cautiously investigated one of them.

(Three Non-Human Signal Sources)

The Signal appeared to be coming from a number of derelict Imperial warships surrounded by green fog. I was quickly chased from the scene by a Thargoid Cyclops which had deployed its constellation of Thargons. I saw Scientific Research canisters before I fled. As I observed from a safe distance, the Cyclops ignored me and returned to scanning the derelicts.

(Observing Thargoid Cyclops very safely)

Investigating another NHSS in the same system yielded just a Thargoid Sensor:

(Eye-to-eye with Thargoid Sensor)

Heading on towards the California Nebula, the NHSSs stopped. I felt that I had crossed a boundary, a bit like going through Thargoid Passport Control. The approaching Mic Turner Base seemed a lot more homely and less remote from humanity than it would have done without the encounters with Unknowns en route.

(Approaching the California Nebula)

Mic Turner was of course one of the founding fathers of the Alliance of Independent Systems, and a leading figure in historical exploration of the Galaxy, particularly in research into the Thargoid Mystery. Indeed, he lost his life attempting to make contact with Thargoids in the Pleione System, in his experimental exploration ship the Turner's Quest. The Planetary Base in the California Nebula that takes his name is a Research Facility dedicated to the study of Organic Structures and Meta-Alloys.

(Enterprise safely landed at Mic Turner Base)

Mic Turner Base is situated next to an extensive field of Bark Mounds, alien fungal blooms which bear some similarity to the famous Barnacles of the Pleiades Nebula and beyond, which make up part of the Thargoid Mystery.

(Landed in the Bark Mound fields)

(Taking the SRV Herbie for a closer look at the Bark Mound fields)

There are many more mysterious sites to observe before entering the Formidine Rift proper. But for now, wihlst the Orion Spur is behind me, there is still the Perseus Arm to cross. Moving on now:—

Waypoint №3 - 790.39 - 1,411.84 - Flaming Star Logistics Centre, Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0

Day Three:

(Flying past HD 31817 A3)

Arrived at Flaming Star Logistics Centre, towards the centre of the ring system of Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0 3, the outermost planet of the system, a blue gas giant. Fine views of the small nearby nebula which gives the sector its name. Repaired some damage accrued along the way, having had a careless Emergency Stop incident at Oochost JO-X b58-0, and taken advantage of a neutron star at Oochost XA-L s9-1. I can afford to be careless at this stage; there are still remote outposts I can stop in at for repairs. Earlier I landed at Oochost KO-X b48-0 3, a dull icy world, to pick up Nickel for SRV repair, having completely exhausted my supply regaining influence with Tod McQuinn, every time I wanted him to install special effects on my Multi-Cannons for my other ships. I also unearthed some Selenium for SRV ammo, and a good amount of Niobium for boosted FSD jumps. I'm still fairly short of Polonium though, with only 13 units. So for now I have 18-21-13 Basic-Medium-Premium jumps. I may need to use some of them to get to the next Waypoint.

(Enterprise arriving at Flaming Star Logistics Centre, the Flaming Star Nebula in the background. Note also the side-on presentation of Barnard's Loop.)
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Day Six:

Finally arrived at the Trifid of the North Nebula, situated in an unusual streamer of mainly red dwarf stars. This was an early test to see how well the Sidewinder coped with navigating sparsely populated sectors of the Galaxy. The Nebula took some getting to in a Sidewinder, and I had to use two Basic, three Standard and one Premium boosted jumps to reach one end of the streamer of red dwarfs, leaving me with 15-18-12 Basic-Standard-Premium jumps until I restock on Jumponium. But there is plenty of that about. On the way I discovered a 'green' system, containing all Jumponium elements, at Oochost KT-U c5-0, although some of the elements are 150,000L-s from the entry point. There is also an Earth-Like orbiting the second star, discovered by the only prior visitor to the system.

The view at the Trifid of the North Nebula is quite grand. Not many Sidewinders can have been out here before. The only question now is how the hell do I get out of here to the next waypoint, in the ominous Wayfarer's Graveyard Region? I've all but run out of stars. Time will tell.

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