We are a highly cooperative trading/mining focused enterprise.
The main point of strenght of the company is to trade and mine in big convoys where each employee is highly specialized in its role, to enhance security and mechanical failure tolerance. We're planning to organise huge convoys with the upcoming fleet carriers.
Moreover you can pledge who you want, you can freely be part of other ED communities and work with us part-time. There are no real hard constraints for your permanence with us.
We strongly support and search the interaction with other player groups and alliances. For example we could hire armed escorts from other escort focused group of players or make joint convoys with other truckers.

INARA SQUADRON PAGE: https://inara.cz/squadron/6476/

JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/swH8dNA

hey, im looking for a new more active corp/squadron!

how many players do u have and do u guys mine together in a wing?
Are you a ps4 squad?

I'd love to join if so, combats not my thing but mining in a dbx along side a t10 sounds fun!

I love the idea of using specialist ships
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