Has Frontier spoken about signage yet? In RCT3 You had signs that displayed the name you had given a specific ride. Is that coming back? I hope so. Also will we be able to import .jpgs like in RCT3 to create our own custom billboards etc? I really hope PC has this, because given its been 10 years, I dont think this game should go backwards and be without options and assets from 10 years ago.
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I had been thinking about this myself. I have noticed the personalised signs, like Chief Beef and Rocktopus, which are great, but I was wondering if thematic signs, like ones made out of cut rock, could be designed to take any type of text: like a 3D version of WordArt.

I think I remember Jonny Watts mentioning this in an interview some time ago and saying that you will be able to customise signs to say whatever you want but I can't remember where I saw it [uhh]
I agree. I like the signs that they had in RCT2 that you could put up. You could type any text you wanted on it. I don't think theming the signs would be much of a problem because of the amazing theming they have provided. I also don't think it would be hard to have a couple custom themed signs per theme. The customization of signs I think is very important and could make the attractions pop. I love the signs they already have, but I don't want to use them for every attraction. I would like to get creative with signs as I can like the rest of the game.
I'm praying for RCT3 style billboards so I can put my own graphics into my parks.

However, it's already been confirmed that signs will be customizable. We're gonna be getting various fonts that we can choose and probably 're-colour that we can add to the signs. They wouldn't have made so many blank signs for no reason. So we can name our rides whatever we like and then make awesome custom signs with the name on .[up][big grin]
I believe we will be able to put our own words in various fonts on the blank signs we have, but I doubt we will have this until either beta or release.