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Hello Everyone.. thought I would post some photos taken from my newest park I just started on for the year.. Silverwood. Yes I know theres a Silverwood park already. But I still like the name as its modeled after Silver Dollar City. and Dollywood.. with a Rustic mountain theme. So far I've only been working around the entrance area but I got lots of ideas to put into it so this is just a start. those who enjoyed my Crystal Gardens park (available on my workshop now, but you gotta be on my steam friends list to see my workshop stuff) I think will enjoy this one even more.

Lets start with the ticket booth area.. the first thing you get to out of the parking lot

Moving on forward you will go under the highway through a tunnel

And then into another little plaza area with the entrance to the park

You can also get a nice view of the parks river rapids before entering the park going under the bridge

Upon entering the park you are greeted by a nice little rustic Gazebo that I feel really sets off the theme. and surrounded by other shops and buildings that capture the spirit of its theme.

[img width][/img]

THis building will serve as the guest services building and themed to an old bank. with guest lockers and other services. (I don't care for the color so it will get a paint job later_

Here's the Chair lift station right up front set into a barn. Visitors can take the chairlift up to the top of the mountain where even more thrills await them

More Entry plaza shops..

Here's our large indoor theater. For shows and whatnot. Air conditioned of course. (Still working on a name)

One of the parks Railway stations

So far the biggest attraction built for guests is our River rapids..

The stations still a bit of work in progress

But I might be going overboard with realistic details

That's it for now as far as pictures. to see some small tours and video here's the first two episodes of the youtube series



Nice park. Dollywood and Silver Dollar City, Tweetsie RR, have live steam train rides that are longer than most park railroads. I think they are all around 3 miles long. Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm and Worlds of Fun (all Cedar Fair now) have live steam train rides as well. I'm working on a new Kings Island, the two on the workshop have rides missing and used the smaller map size. Mine uses a maxed out flat grassland map. With the extra room, and placing the park entrance near the edge of the buildable area, I am able to fit most of the park in minus the waterpark. I subscribed to a blueprint of yours of the carousel building at the Kings parks and Canada's Wonderland. I noticed yours was deleted from the workshop. But I still have my copy, and I made a version with the new carousel in it that I'm going to use in my Kings Island.
It's not missing. I just made all my workshop stuff friends only. Send me a friend request on steam if you haven't already
Ok everyone.. got some awesome new photos to share with you.. a few changes. and some new stuff.

Back at the entrance with a couple of new angles

Finally decided on a color for the Guest Services building..

My plan is to add little details everywhere I can.. like this. Just to give the park a bit of flair and atmosphere.

one new building added to the entrance plaza...

Heading to the right side of the park.. a better look at the Ice Cream parlor and Sugary sweet shop.

Didn't show this building in the first update. Must have missed it.. Going to be a small dine in restaurant.

As we head towards the parks first coaster.. heres a glimpse of a whole new section of the park coming..

Taking the path around... looks like construction fences on the other side here..

And here she is.. The first coaster to be added to the park.. Mustang. A Mack Multi Launch family thrill coaster.

yes I built the whole barn piece by piece...

After the first launch.. it makes a small helix dive down the hillside towards the river. Here the parks Paddle Steamer Showboat happens to be passing by.

A good overview

And before we go... another glance at the next update.

Also.. if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel yet.. heres the next two videos from the park including a POV of Mustang.



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