Simple coaster stations

Unfortunately I’m useless at building. I’m not sure if I lack creativity but whatever I build looks like a small child has attempted it. As a result, I build parks using workshop items. I’m good at placing things, scenery etc and putting a Park together, but I can’t build.

This is causing a problem for coaster stations. I try workshop ones but they often don’t fit the station I have. I’m looking for a very simple way of creating a coaster station (beams and a roof perhaps), but my attempts are just dreadful and taking me far too long. I get no enjoyment out of building, so I just want something I can put together quickly.

What I loved about RCT3 was that once I had downloaded some custom scenery, I had several options for very quick coaster stations- quick roof, some beams/poles-done!

Is there any way of doing similar in this game?
I don't think its possible to snap complete buildings onto stations. You will have to align them by eye. As you mentioned stations come in various sizes so finding a building that fits could be a little difficult.

If you use the option in the ride menu to start building on station grid then the parts you place will be aligned properly, but you said you don't want to build things yourself so I guess that's no help.
I made a quick video showing how I made a very simple station building in 3 minutes. I don't know if it will help.
Building is a big part of the game and I don't enjoy building as much as I enjoy looking at the finished result. If you aren't familiar with the controls then have a look in the settings to see what buttons do what.
Good Luck!
Thank you for the replies.

That video was really helpful SS, thank you very much. I’m off to try and create something similar!
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