Simple Question: How Do I Kill For Aisling?

I'm in week three, grinding for shields. I wanna kill for merits.

Where do I kill stuff for Aisling merits, and where do I turn in the kills?

This PP stuff is way too arcane to be welcoming. I mean yeah, I'm interested in playing this aspect of the game, but the lack of clarity is douchetastic.

[edit] Best I can figure out is; I go kill stuff in a Federal control system. Then I turn in the bonds at a blue hair control system.
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Haul merits from Cubeo to fortify systems - you get the list in the PP screens
But its an click fest. Because you have to load batches of 10 merits, then pay to fast forward, then load, then pay... you get the idea.

Otherwise check the other Powers that are doing the expansion through fighting
For example Hudson. If they have an active expansion (check Hudson expansion screen) go into that system and spot the Security Zones.
Drop in there, choose the resistance and kill Hudson ships. 10 merits per kill, no other perks.
You can turn them on in an Aisling control system

edit: ships in the security zones are of the engineered type, like in a CZ. No missions tho and no SpecOps either.
I amassed the 750 merits I needed last night. Went to LHS 1541 (Anarchy system) and pulled Hudson ships out of SC. 30 merits each. Took about 40 minutes. Speeded things along to pull a wing out of SC, and the Annie's have awesome mats.
there's also a method where you skim the nav beacon in SC and drop just past it. typically 5 or 6 enemy ships spawn and they are worth 30 merits each. when i was working for Hudson i used to wing up with other Fed pilots and do this. we'd earn 1000-2000 merits in an hour or two.
Special conflict zones, or just drop into a hazres. Pretty sure 3 enemy ships spawn in each time.

The CZs don’t give you bounties, but you only get ten per kill. Takes awhile.

I wanna say you get 30 per regularly.
Killing for Aisling is actually super easy. Follow these 3 easy steps,

  1. Find a system - any that isn't under her influence.
  2. Find a person - any who isn't devoted to her.
  3. Scream, "FOR THE DEEP SPACE WAIFU! BATHE ME IN YOUR GREEN GLOW!" before attacking indiscriminately.
Congrats you've just killed for Aisling. I can't remember how much she gives for this (if anything at all). But that's fine you can rest easy knowing you did the right thing.

Also disregard everything I said because I'm joking. I feel that was obvious but......ya know. Just in case it needs stating.
tbh it seems a bit counterintuitive to kill for the one powerplay candidate who's, like, super against killing and stuff
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